3 Important Things to Consider When Potty Training your British Bulldogs


Many pet owners are often driven by the urge to experience instant results any time pet behavioral training is mentioned, and this is an aspect which is not possible since pets unlike humans, do naturally learn at a slow pace.

Again, it is possible that you can train your British Bulldog a particular trick, only for her to forget the basics immediately you are done with a training session. Any trick you want your dog to learn must be consistently taught. You should only stop until you are certain that the Bulldog can engage in the given trick without your intervention.

Additionally, you must ensure that you have all the relevant potty training facilities as any absence leads to poor skills grasp among pets, and that is a situation you would want to avoid as much as you can. As long as you have set a reasonable training schedule, and also maintain consistency of the potty training methods you use, then your bulldog can easily master all the essential potty training basics and give you the peace of mind you are after. Here are some simple tricks you can consider.

British Bulldog

Appropriate apply any reward/punishment schemes you are using

  • British Bulldogs learn based on the rewards and punishments they are subjected to. For any undesirable potty training behavior, there must be an accompanying reasonable punishment/reward so that there is no repeat of the undesired behavioral characteristics and ensure that pets regularly engage in the behaviors they are praised.
  • Any reward/punishment chosen must be applied immediately, that is, the pet must be aware why she is receiving a certain reward/punishment action.
  • Applying punishments and rewards at a later time may not lead you to the potty training results you are after.

For instance, if you give a reward for good behavior that was shown three hours ago, your pet may not be aware why she is being given a reward. That approach can slow down your potty training progress, and it is possible that you can end up with more sorrows than the intended results.


Maintain a friendly mood during the entire potty training schedule 

  • Honestly, potty training for a bulldog is not an easy thing, and it is possible for you to lose your cool if a pet misbehaves in a manner that you previously discouraged.
  • For faster results, you have to keep your emotions at the right balance. Any excessive yelling at your bulldog may cause it to be fearful and disconnect from any training program you may have established.
  • The best way to handle potty training sessions is by maintaining a friendly mood. Friendly relation with pets ensures that they express themselves freely, and also act in a way to please their owners.

In situations where pets are scared, they will always show distrust behaviors towards their owners. Consequently, it will turn out tough to deliver any meaningful behavioral training as the pets will ever be trying not to be close to their owners.

Start with the simple tricks and slowly but steadily advance towards the complex ones

It is a bad behavior to teach a bulldog all the potty training behaviors at a go. Learning takes place it certain steps, and with pets, the best approach is to start by teaching the simple tricks and slowly progress to the complex ones. You can start by redirecting the puppy on the places she can defecate and pee as well as the places to avoid.


For instance, you can discourage peeing in the living room and the kennel. British Bulldogs do find it easy to master the simple tricks taught to them, and when you reach the complex skills, you are assured of having an easy time as long as you delivered the simple tricks well.

  • As a pet owner, you shouldn’t always assume that your bulldog has mastered well anything you might have taught. You must set time just for the intentions of accessing the level of knowledge grasp demonstrated by your British Bulldog. It is good to reintroduce some of the tricks at different phases of the training routines, and that aspect will ensure that the bulldog keeps most of tricks she is trained on.

If you find yourself spending unreasonably long potty training sessions but only seeing slow signs of progress, the best thing you can do is to consider professional assistance. Professional dog trainers understand pets better, and they can provide suitable potty training plans that British Bulldogs can master with ease.


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