3 Tips to alkalize water


Water is an indispensable fluid that is good to keep us fresh and active throughout the day. This is due to drinking water that we can beat the dehydration problem; it also makes our kidneys clean as it removes all the harmful substance from our body. Pure water has a clear color with nice odor, while impurity can be seen by the color and smell of water. One can survive 3 to 5 days without food, but it is impossible to live a single day without water. The carving of water makes the kidneys weak.


Athletes and people related to other sports field need plenty of water, but can you imagine the drastic effect of water that is not alkaline in nature? Lets first discuss that why we need to alkalize water. As I mentioned that water is the fundamental need that we all are aware of, everyone should know the fact that the pH level of water should not acidic in nature.


Basically, pH of water is 7, which is called neutral pH, anything more than 7 to 14 is supposed to be called alkaline (base), while pH level below than 7 indicates the acidic nature. Let’s start with the water having a pH less than 7; acidic water is apparently signifies that how harmful it can be. The neutral water having pH 7 is fine and drinkable. Alkaline water, the one with pH more than 7 is perfect for drinking.



The advantage of drinking alkaline water is that it has the capacity to neutralize the acid that is good for your health. It minimizes the acid effect from your system and boosts your metabolism.

I have come to know that many people out there asking about how to alkalize the water. There are different ways to alkalize the water; people can do this at home as these tactics are rather easy and effective. Following are few awe inspiring tactics


  • Baking Soda:  We can use baking soda to make water alkaline as it’s itself highly alkaline.  Always use a filtered or pure water to make it alkaline, you can add ½ teaspoon of baking soda in a gallon of water. You need to properly mix it to get alkaline water.
  • Drops: You can simply get the drops that are well prepared such drops are easily available in the market. You just have to purchase it and drop it into the water. The amount of drop that you need to pour in the certain amount of water will be written on the packet. Just follow the instructions carefully.
  • Lemons: For this process, you need fresh lemon, only fresh lemon that is not exposed to air more than 30 minutes. You can replace baking soda with fresh lemon as it also helpful to make the filtered, clean and pure water more alkaline in nature. It improves your digestion.

I have described pH levels and the process of making the water alkaline. You can follow the steps and can easily get the benefits out of it.

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