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Why should we use

the best fuel injector cleaner?

There was a time when manual vehicles still depended on a carburettor for proper combustion inside the engine. Nowadays however, in keeping with emissions laws, automobile companies have replaced the classic carburettor with a fuel injection system.

This modern technology in cars has been standardized in all new models released. Although a bit more complicated and expensive, it provides lesser emissions and more effective fuel usage.

Per cylinder, an electronic fuel injector is present meant to put stress on the fuel inside and then force it out through a tiny opening. The fine mist, a result of the fuel injector’s pressurized activity, combusts more quickly. In turn, it becomes crucial to keep fuel injectors clean to prevent any damage to the engine. Clogged and dirty injectors are more susceptible to unwanted emissions, misfire and engine problems.

There are is an endless variety of fuel injector cleaners available on the market, all with different components meant to unclog dirt and debris at the nozzle of the injector and all claiming to be the best at their field (You can check out the list of gasoline and diesel additives here).

Below are a few chosen products that could be well on their way as the best fuel injector cleaner.

Taking a look at a comparison table is the fastest way to compare different prices, features and designing of various Fuel Injector Cleaner models. In order to assure the accuracy of product price, I estimate the range of price following the following rules:

  • Below $100:  $
  • Form $100 - $200:  $$
  • From $200 - $300:  $$$






We Highly Recommend

1. Sta-Bil 22207-12Pk - Top Choice

The Time of the Year for the Manufacturer’s Choice in an advanced STA-BIL Storage Fuel Stabilizer

No other additive fuels best perform than the fifty-year tested Sta-Bil 22207-12PK Fuel Stabilizer. There are five main reasons why this has been trusted by the engine and equipment manufacturers in the United States and even its international consumers.

Using Sta-Bil 22207-12PK Fuel Stabilizer ensures that you will get to keep fuel deterioration out of the picture as it makes fuel fresh of up to two years. This means that you will also avoid the task of draining fuel before storage; it saves you both money and time.

After storing your equipment or any engine vehicle, you will no longer encounter extensive conditioning because there will be no start-up problems. Just start it up, and start your engine and that’s it. After that, with Sta-Bil 22207-12PK Fuel Stabilizer you will not have any problems with build-up of gum and varnish or any rust problem.

The formulation of Sta-Bil 22207-12PK Fuel Stabilizer is designed to run on many types of engines from lawnmower, to the boat, to the motorcycle, and your car. This will work with gasoline run vehicle and even ethanol blended fuel.

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That smooth running, smooth sound engine is a relief that you live in comfort and convenience. Sta-Bil 22207-12PK Fuel Stabilizer does it all, proven and tested over the years.

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2. Red Line 60103-12PK - Best Choice

The Redline complete SI-1 fuel system cleaner is known to be 100 percent effective in just one use. This type of formula lessens the need for octane and definitely helps to build up the fuel system.

The Redline SI-1 is made to be gentle to the car, so it can be used continuously on a car that produces a lot of movement. Equipped with a very strong detergent based cleaner that helps clean the carburetor, valves and combustion chamber deposits in an older car. So if you had never tried using the Redline fuel system cleaner before on your car, it is recommended that you use one bottle per tank to clean everything out, and afterwards, you can continue to follow the steps that are indicated on the bottle.

Today, Redline Complete SI-1 fuel system is considered to be on of the most effective fuel jet formulas that are being sold on the market. The formula consists of a large amount of Polyetheramine (PEA). In fact, studies claimed that PEA has an useful formula, unlike other chemicals used in other products. Company recommended that the usage ratio would be at least 3 ounce of red line formula for a 12 to 13 fuel tank.

Many customers who had tried using the product confirmed that the bottle is very easy to use because of its thin neck design. In addition, it can also increase an engine’s efficiency by decreasing the need of Octane by around two points. It has been proven that the fuel system cleaner can protect the lifetime of your car’s engine. The Redline Complete SI-1 fuel system has an outstanding rating of four out of five stars.

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3. Royal Purple 11723-6PK Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer - Top Rated

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Just like the earlier product reviewed, the Royal Purple 11723-6PK Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer is independent of any fuel cleaner kits and will need to work in conjunction with one to derive the full results. Customers have the option to purchase single 20-ounce canisters or as a pack of 6.

As a 3-in-1 additive, the Royal Purple Max-Clean is very specific with what it can do. The product advertises its ability to enhance fuel economy by 3.2% and surge horsepower up to 2.6% while curbing emissions of hydrocarbon by an average of 12%, mono-nitrogen oxides by 13% and carbon monoxide by 18%. The additive is dubbed as synthetic oil, helping maintain automobile engines whether new or old resulting in an increase in productivity and performance.

fuel-injector-cleaner-3By stripping clean the fuel system including the injectors, combustion is cleaner, fuel consumption is less and most of the engine problems are almost eliminated. Engine-related malfunctions here pinpoint to faulty start-ups, hesitation and rough idling.

Although a bit more expensive than the other cleaning products, Royal Purple Max-Clean is considered the best fuel injector cleaner by many satisfied customers. With a unique ability to clean diesel and gasoline fuel systems, the additive is effective even in large vehicles including trucks.

In fact, a number of users have noticed cleaner emissions and virtually no rough idling. My one time use of the product has allowed me to believe in these claims. My car runs smoother and faster than normal days. Of course, there are certain precautions an owner must take in order to upkeep vehicular maintenance at its peak. I’ve also noticed the change in my car after using only premium fuel from known gasoline chains. The fuel cleaner is more likely to clean dirt and debris off the injectors without cheap fuel and its copious residue clogging your nozzle and compromising width of spray and combustion.


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4. Bg-44k Fuel System - Cheap Prices

Consumers Response to the Surprising Joy of BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner with BG Funnel; This gives hope for a Safe and Anxious Free Fuel Additive that extends the life of every engine

Over forty years, BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner with BG Funnel has been one of the best players in the auto servicing industry when it comes to maintenance. Among automobile manufacturers, this fuels system cleaner made a benchmark for quality and trust.

BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner with BG Funnel has an efficient cleaning ability designed mainly for a gasoline run-vehicle. It mainly targets fuel injectors, combustion chambers, and the valves. This fuel system cleaner versatility works with different fuel additives and fuel. Naturally, as the years go by, engines accumulate rust and residues that affect the engine performance.

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For most mechanics, the BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner with BG Funnel works mainly on reducing corrosion and moisture content in the engine. In conclusive statements, it revealed that this cleaner saves you from hassles and unnecessary expenses for maintenance.

The Choice is Right because

  • This resolves multiple problems in the injector fuel, combustion chambers, and valves such as stumbling, power loss and much more.
  • This is affordable with the guarantee being of quality performance.
  • This can be mixed up to twenty gallons of gasoline per kit.
  • This improves car mileage, unlike other product does.
  • This can be used to different vehicle type with a gasoline working engine.

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5. Liqui Moly (2007-20PK) Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner - Cheap Prices

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Not necessarily a full kit but rather a concentrated fuel injection cleaner, the Liqui Moly Jectron is packaged in 300mL (around 10oz) canisters in packs of 20. Meant to be used in conjunction with a cleaning kit like the MityvacMV5567 or the S.U.R. & R. FIC 203, the cleaner eliminates the debris build up within the fuel injectors. It is vital to use the best fuel injector cleaner in order to properly dissolve the cause of clogging which interferes with the spray width and thus, compromises the combustion.

With these types of cleaners, it is important to keep the engine running to instigate an ignition that will jump start the cleaning process. Usually, the fuel cap of the automobile is left ajar to prevent an internal explosion pushed by a jolt in pressure levels. The Liqui Moly Jectron’s canister comes with a nozzle that allows spill-proof and more accurate pouring.


The Jectron’s chemical makeup cleans the injector and its related parts; thus, providing a smoother idling, less hesitation and similar problems after the start up. Because there is a more efficient burning of gasoline, fuel consumption also lessens and emissions are much cleaner.

Users that attest Jectron as the best fuel injector cleaner in reviews suggest adding the cleaner at lower fuel levels (around 1/8th of the tank) then to keep the car running by driving around in order to allow for combustion to take place with the gasoline.

The reason behind this is to pour in higher levels of the cleaner to lower levels of fuel where the Jectron will be more effective in a higher concentration. As mentioned above, this should be done every few thousand miles or at least every six months for older models of cars whether internationally or locally made.

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Simple classification of fuel injector cleaner

Diesel fuel injector cleaners

  • Despite the countless cleaners claiming to dredge fuel injectors of diesel automobiles, they are not normally needed on a constant basis. The reason behind this is that a diesel engine’s fuel injectors utilize very high pressure with levels up to 26,000psi, thus cleansing the interiors each time. It is more likely that injectors are worn out in diesel automobiles rather than clogged.


  • However, using petrol or very strong chemicals in the fuel injectors may do more harm than damage, stripping the lubricant in its interiors which can cause sediment build-up.

Petrol fuel injector cleaners

  • Evaporated fuel and detergent components from gas can create unwanted residue that can eventually block the nozzle of fuel injectors. It becomes imperative therefore, for automobile owners to find the best fuel injector cleaner both as maintenance and solution.
  • Petrol engines are more open to a variety of cleaning procedures. More commonly, additives are over-the-counter mixtures that you can pour directly into the fuel tank. These are used mostly every thousand miles on older vehicles for preventive maintenance while newer models only require at most a biannual cleaning.
  • A more aggressive and another best fuel tank injector cleaner is the induction method. The cleaner is introduced directly to the throttle or the fuel line which leads to the injectors. This means of unclogging concentrates directly on the fuel injectors. It is best to consult a fuel injector specialist with this method.

BG 44K – A Real SUPER-STAR as the best fuel system cleaner, BUT just for GASOLINE engines only! >> Click the photo to read more!

Advantages of Fuel Injector Cleaners

  • Fuel Injector Cleaners provides a DIY solution to dirty fuel injectors. Either as a tank additive or a direct flush, the best fuel injector should be able to strip clean the sediments off the injectors as well as the combustion chamber and intake valve.

Save your cash from pricey labor and learn to do the basics yourself.



  • Fuel Injector Cleaners provide preventive care for your automobile. Just as I mentioned above, older cars will need tune-ups with the help of the best fuel injector cleaner of your choice every a few thousand miles. Especially in petrol cars, a fuel injector cleansing will help the engine run more smoothly as well as eliminating vehicular emissions.


  • Fuel Injector Cleaning will increase fuel pressure. An uncluttered fuel injector will be able to maximize the pressurized fuel in its chamber, atomizing it for an effective burn. However, once the injectors are congested, the nozzle of the injectors does not atomize the fuel properly leading to an inefficient combustion. Lean misfires, rough idling and faulty start-ups are more likely to occur with dirty fuel injectors.
  • Fuel Injector Cleaning saves your engine from cheap gas. You had no choice and filled half of your tank with cheap, low-quality gasoline. But despite that mistake, your engine doesn’t need to suffer for your wrongs. Using the best fuel injector cleaner for your automobile can save you from the cheap additives in this kind of gas.

Low-quality gasoline has lower levels of detergent or replaced completely with a similar but less-effective additive.

Over time, these leftovers form into troublesome sediments that ultimately put your vehicle’s performance at risk. In my experience, the best fuel injector cleaner for cheap gas problems should include the additive, polyetheramine.

Fuel injectors need to be clean and cluttered to keep the spray width and pulse operating at its peak. By doing so, combustion is more efficient, emissions are cleaner and most especially, fuel consumption is lessened. Rather than taking apart your engine, try one of the best fuel injector cleaners mentioned above for either diesel or gasoline engines. It quickly and effectively cleans off the gathered sediments and dirt build-up within the chambers of the fuel injectors and its neighboring parts.

In conclusion, how’s about my own recommendation?

One simple sentence: “I will not hesitate to recommend S.U.R. & R. FIC203 Cleaning Kit as the best fuel system cleaner among all candidates above”. Using a separate cleaning kit that will never cause any damage to the inside of engine is always my preferred solution. That’s all I wanna say.

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