Top 5 Choosing The Best Litter Box For Your Cat At Home


Pets are one of the most comforting companies we could have at home. Their unpredictable acts of sweetness could be deeply therapeutic for most people, especially ones exposed to stress. However, having a pet could also be a tedious task at times. Pets are living creatures that have needs. They eat, drink, and of course, eliminate waste from their body. A pet’s urine or feces is far from pleasant. But dogs and cats had been able to live with humans for a long time for a reason, these pets are domisticated, and could therefore be trained in specially designed litter boxes where our beloved pets are expected and trained to eliminate on.


If you’re reading this article, you must be in search of the best litter box you could get your hands on for your pets. Do you already have one in need of replacement, or you never had one before but you’re currently considering to purchase one? The best litter box has recently taken many forms, thanks to the genius of mankind, various litter boxes had been designed to fit different pet and human needs.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll be discussing:
A. Why a litter box is essential for your home
B. Criteria in choosing the best litter box for your needs.
C. Some models of one of the best litter boxes available in the market!

A. So First, Do You Really Need A Litter Box At Home

If you have a pet, a litter box is a must. Why so?




B. What is the best litter box like?


Now that we’ve established common ground on why litter boxes are important, and a great item to have at home, let’s now enumerate what one should look for when searching for the best litter box. There could be plenty of options out there claiming to be the best, but the best would actually depend on your budget and needs! You’d choose better if you know what criteria to consider, such as:


Covered Or Not?



Automatic Or Not?


That’s it for the criteria that a pet owner must know about litter boxes! Now let’s move on to some of the best in the market and compare their features with each other. The following examples will be more on cat litter boxes rather than dwelling more on dog litter box. This is because litter boxes are mainly designed for cats, that doesn’t mean though that you can’t train your dog to use it! Let’s go check these out.

C. 5 Top Class Litter Boxes For Your Pet!


CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

This automatic litter box might just be the best automatic litter box out there mainly for its general ease of use. This self flushing cat box is designed to automatically clean itself and get rid of pet waste by flushing it directly to the house’s sewage system. The setup requires this litter box to be connected to the toilet. It also needs to be connected directly to cold water and an electrical outlet. This task is deemed easy by some, but could be tricky too.

This litterbox uses washable granules instead of regular litter that could be bought in most pet stores. It’s perfect for cats of average size, with an age over 6mos.

To clean, what makes this most likely the best automatic litter box is it comes with a biodegradable and recyclable sanisolution that is used for washing the washable granules.

This is a very good and convenient choice, but it is definitely pricier than the other options. Also, it could take some getting used to for pets. Since this is automatic, the litter box vibrates and moves to some degree once pet waste is eliminated. This may or may not make your pets uncomfortable. All it takes is training.


Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox

This litter box is made out of a plastic container that has a removable lid with a hole on top. It claims to be dog-proof and to reduce foul waste odor in the litter box. Of course, when possible, it’s always best to clean the litter box right after our pet eliminates, but an odor eliminating litter box could come in handy in hectic situations.

Unlike most litter boxes that are covered, this litter box’s access is from the top, through a hole on the lid. This is proven to be handy especially since the waste won’t get scattered when the cat jumps out. The design is really simple, but a dog-proof cat litter box could simply be the best cat litter box in the making, especially if you have both a cat and dog at home; this is because some dogs make a meal out of cat litter and waste,a very unhygienic and sometimes, a messy habit.

This could be the best cat litter box if your cat wouldn’t have any issues with having to jump up and down inside the litter box. However, if your cat can’t get used to this, it may not work out.



Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

This cat litter box is shaped like a real life clay pot with an artificial ornamental plant on top. This not only keeps your home clean, it also makes the house looks posh. Now wouldn’t that make the best cat litter box?

This is a 42in high pot-shaped plastic made of polypropylene that has an opening on the side for the cat to enter and exit. The only problem is, if some cats are not careful, it could drag some litter on its way outside.


New Age Pet Loo Litter Box Cover and End Table

This litter box is aesthetically pleasing as it is shaped like an end table. It also has a plug opening at the back to fit in automatic litter trays. Most of all, what makes this better is it is made of eco-FLEX material which claims to be environmentally friendly, odor eliminating, easy to clean, and does not retain any form of moisture.

The design is simple, but the litter box is clearly well ventilated inside. The door that leads inside the litter box is in the middle of the front cover. This cover could easily be opened for cleaning. The good part is, it’s dog proof, and since the opening is in the middle and not the bottom of the front cover, it’s rare for cats to spill dirt outside.


Cat Washroom-Nightstand Pet House

This litter box looks like a nightstand, as the name implies. The design is posh and simple, and this could easily fit in any corner of the house. Aside from being a litter box, it could also serve as a table for some ornaments. It has a small space for extra storage between the litter box itself and the top drawer, and also has a towel hanger on its side, where a cloth for wiping and cleaning the litter box could be easily accessible. If the owner wouldn’t like to use the top shelf to hold any ornament, this could also easily be a place for the cat to rest.

Clearly, ease of use and multi-functionality is put into consideration in this litter box’s design.

This litter box is designed with class. The front cover has a dome-shaped opening in the middle where the cat could freely go in and out. The colors are classic and neutral, as it is available in wood tones, white, and gray. Unlike the New Age Pet Loo end table litter box though, this posh litter box’s material isn’t high grade plastic, nor is it waterproof or easy to clean. It will be best to have a waterproof litter tray inside. But if that’s not how you plan to use this, this may be problematic.


All 5 are highly recommended if you’re in search of the best litter box there could be. These 5 combine functionality, versatility, design, and ease of use in one great litter box. However, each has different features that may or may not be more advantageous to its user.

For example, the Cat Washroom-Nightstand Pet House and Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box are perfect for the pet owner that looks for a litter box that will not only keep the house clean, but also keep the house’s feel and atmosphere posh and classy. The Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box however, could be messy if the cats aren’t careful, since the opening is close to the floor. The cat wshroom-nightsand pet house on the other hand, isn’t made of waterproof material, and might not be the perfect choice in the long run.

The Clevercat Top Entry Litterbox could be a simpler and more practical choice, but it isn’t for every cat out there. Some cats may find a top-entry litter box great, while others might not.


Competition between the CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box and the New Age Pet Loo Litter Box Cover and End Table is pretty close. Both are really good choices in terms of material and ease of use. But the choice will depend on what your pet would prefer. Would it be comfortable with a moving and self-cleaning machine that isn’t cover? Or will the end table litter box work better?

The best litter box is up to you! Observe and develop a deeper relationship with your pet and get to know what they want and need better! When you figure it out, a clean and stress-free home will be within your reach!

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