6 Best Mattress For Side Sleepers Reviews 2017


Sleeping is a habitual that is a sure need to regain your energy and to be refreshed every time and there are different style of sleeping, but among all these styles most common one is sleeping with one side, or known as the side sleepers. 


Most of side sleepers need a mattress that support and at the same time release the pressure on the back.

Sleeping on one’s side is a very common sleeping position, and it’s one of the healthiest ways to sleep. Sleeping on your side supports your spine to rest in its natural position. It also takes pressure off of your back, keeps your joints in a neutral position, and can even reduce snoring.



If you’re a side sleeper, then it’s important that you choose the right mattress.

If the wrong decision is made then you may find yourself tossing and turning through the night and waking with aches and pains.

Since your spine rests in its natural position when you sleep on your side, it’s really important to find a mattress that contours and provide supports to the curves of your body.

Softer mattresses generally conform better than firm mattresses, but a firm mattress to a pillow can also provide sufficient conforming comfort.


The Brentwood Home 13-inch Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress is carefully designed and manufactured in the USA, this Mattress contains millions of gel particles infused into the memory foam layer that provides you a comfortable sleeping surface experience.

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• The 13-inch Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Cool Comfort Layer adjusts to the contour of your body in order to relieve pressure points that helps you to wake up more refreshed and without lower back pain. Its Ventilated Cool Airflow layer allows you to stay cool and comfortable. The therapeutic base provides long lasting support.

• Our memory foam is open cell and infused with millions of Gel Particles, which keeps your mattress cooler and more comfortable than regular memory foam.

• All of our foam is also CertiPUR-US certified which means it has no prohibited phthalates, no ozone depleters, no CFCs, no mercury, no lead or heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no PBDEs, and low emission (VOCs).


This 12-Inch memory foam that simply gives lasting comfort that is packed with therapeutic features that proffer full body support during sleep. It also observes reduction of pressure points.

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• This mattress is popular for its good performance. The memory foam mattress is able to proffer the best support and comfort during sleep and upon waking up, you would feel strain less and can then definitely you will not feel pain in your back.

It is just excellent the way the foam follows and support the contour of the spine, in this way it enables the whole body to rest and place well.

• This mattress has a great design its 12-inch design simply works miracles in providing the best support. The firmness of mattress is just enough it is not too hard or too shamble.

The soft cover over the whole item also provides you ease and comfort that you can experience during sleep. It is also magnificently designed with its elegant color combination.


The Sleep Innovations 12 inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is a high quality memory foam mattress that is made in a way to support your body where support is needed the most.

It will support your neck, spine, hips and legs, all in the correct positions when you are sleeping. This means that when you awake in the morning, you will feel fresh and rejuvenated no aches strains, stiffness.

It is well worth giving this offering from sleep innovations some serious consideration if you are in need of a mattress that proffers you full body support.

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• Sleep Innovations 12 inch sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress is really prolific as it is resistant to mites and allergens. So if you are worry about allergy and don’t want to suffer then this could be quite an important factor when you are planning to buy a new mattress.

• Sleep Innovations SureTemp a high quality mattress. The price of this mattress is much less than the other recognized expensive brands, but that does not mean that they are deficient of quality.


The Tuft and Needle 10-Inch mattress is a polyurethane foam mattress made in America. There is no memory foam, no latex foam, and no coils. The top 3 inches of the mattress is made of a proprietary formulation of pressure-relieving foam because of these layers they call it triple-layer blended foam. While it’s not technically latex or memory foam, it has some of the different properties. It feels fairly alike to memory foam, but it is a little more bouncy but it is not as bouncy as latex foam.

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Overall, Tuft & Needle is simply an excellent mattress. This mattress is created with a mission to create a mattress that provides a neutral balance of firmness, provides incredible support, and never sleeps too hot. They have met and exceeded those goals that they have set. In terms of price the Tuft & Needle makes the best offer. You may find cheaper mattress than this but that mattress may not contain all those qualities that this mattress has. If you like a mattress that gives a balance of firmness, you’re probably going to buy and enjoy it.

However, it may not be a right option for you if you are looking for a soft mattress. Tuft & Needle resides at about 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. The Tuft & Needle is recommended to anyone who enjoys firmness in the 7 out of 10 range on the firmness scale.


Lucid memory foam mattress, queen, 10-inch is a quality product and also an affordable one for everyone. This 10 inch memory foam mattress is just one from its range that is worth mentioning.

This mattress is a great option for a guest room and also for a master bedroom, you can have even if you need a slightly thicker model, but many report happy results using this mattress. 

The structure of this 10 inch memory foam mattress is based on two different layers of memory foam. There is a base of 7.5” high density foam, with 2.5 inch comfortable memory foam on the top. The high density base foam is not memory foam, only polyurethane foam. This creates a firm mattress and so it has been given a medium firm rating. The memory foam top layer gives the mattress a softer feel as compared to other thinner models available.

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This mattress gives firm feel to Relieve sleeping pains. The thicker comfort layer makes this mattress feel softer than the 6″ or 8″ mattresses. 

• It is open cell memory foam. This mattress is at the front of sleep technology that is why we make all of our foam using open cell construction. The mattress’s unique manufacturing process makes softer foam that will quickly support your body weight and position. The open-cell construction also optimizes air flow to keep you comfortable and during sleep.


• This mattress is safe for you and the environment. This product has been independently tested for content of materials used, physical performance, and environmental stewardship. 

• Its careful construction guarantees no prohibited phthalates, no ozone depleters, no CFCs, no mercury, lead or heavy metals, no formaldehyde, no PBDEs, and low emission (VOCs) for indoor air quality.


Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress, Queen is designed specifically to offer therapeutic support with optimal sleep temperature control for a great night’s sleep.

Made in USA, your body contour is gently nestled with proper spinal alignment so you sleep much more soundly.

Made from premium foamed and swirled with cooling gels, this mattress epitomizes the perfect blend of luxury, comfort and support.

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• This mattress provides superior comfort while the mattress is a medium-firm density; this mattress is very comfortable and provides just the right amount of support as it supports and contours the body giving a feeling of being gently structured. In addition, the enhanced airflow feature ensures a cool and optimized temperature during sleep. 

• This mattress offers total value for money. It is on top of luxury and comfort of the gel memory foam mattress, it also comes at a great value.

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