A Guide To Choosing The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers


Everybody is willing to spend lavishly or at least well beyond their budget when the matter is of comfort for nighttime sleep. The most essential part that can give you a comfortable sleep is your mattress. The side sleepers have demands of their own when it is about the selection of a perfect mattress. The manufacturers have come up with some really exciting designs to please the side sleepers which are worth having a look at. Ideally, the best type of mattress for side sleepers should accommodate the sleepers well when they are in such a posture.

Best mattresses for side sleepers

Though there are numerous options available regarding quality mattresses. But it’s a fact that not all of them are best to be used by side sleepers. The reason is that when people who have a habit of sleeping on one side of their body, there are chances to develop muscles and joint pain. It is because, while sleeping on one side of the body exerts a lot of pressure on the hip joints and shoulders and also on the rib side. Such a pressure imbalance, makes the body feel uncomfortable and creates pressure points. In such a situation the body needs support, according to the body contours to relieve those parts that have more pressure as compared to the others.

For this purpose, it’s necessary to sleep on a mattress that has the capability to accommodate the body in a perfect and balanced way. There are about three types of mattresses that serve in the best way for side sleepers.

  • The inner spring mattress
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Latex mattress

The inner spring mattress is the oldest form that is preferred by most of the side sleepers due to its comfortable support and ability to cater to all kinds of body weights and pressure in a balanced way.

Memory foam has been the most favorite type of mattress for side sleepers. It’s because it has the ability to adjust the person’s body contours in a way that brings comfort and support to all of the body parts equally.

The pure latex mattresses are also gaining popularity due to their ability to provide pressure free support to the body with an egg crate layer on the top and also keeping the body at an optimum temperature without building up extra heat while sleeping.

Now it’s the customer’s choice to select what’s best for him to be purchased.

Here are some suggestion to be considered and would be a great buy for side sleepers.

Some mattresses for side sleepers

The following is the top 5 mattress options for the side sleepers:

1.Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

This one is one gem of memory foam for the side sleepers. It is the optimal option for the majority of the clients as the online buying trends of this piece are very much favorable as compared with other competitors.

This one has a dual layer of 12 inch memory foam that comes with SureTemp open cell technology with a 2.5 inch layer inside giving 3 pound density foam. The remaining 19.5 inches bas layer of the platform is excellently crafted to give optimum therapeutic support.

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2. LUCID Dual Layer Memory Foam

This is a queen size and dual layered memory foam which comes with a 10 inch memory foam base. Out of the entire base, the 2.5 inch is the special comfort layer from the manufacturer and the remaining 7.5 inches foes to the demanding polyurethane foam base.

The manufacturer has introduced the exclusive open cell technology as well, which helps in keeping the mattress comfortable and cool with its air flow mechanism.

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3. Serta 12-Inch Gel-Memory Foam Mattress

This is a big quality option for the comfort seekers in their night sleep. This is a queen size mattress with an 12 inch overall base of memory foam which is excellent in every literal sense for the side sleepers. It will fit any queen size bed frame with ease.

The Serta manufacturer has encased it with 2 and a half inches of gel memory layer and the 2 and half inch of active air technology for body support, which provide the much needed constant distribution of your body by contouring the natural curves of your body.

Along with its three layered technology and a soft, fluffy out cover, it offers great comfort and relaxing opportunity to help you feel like sleeping on air.

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4. Tuft & Needle 10-Inch Mattress

This tuft and needle mattress is a perfect one to provide an even body support through moderate softness throughout the body. It provides pressure relief similar to the way you get with a memory foam.

It offers localized pressure and support, ensuring that you would not disturb your sleep partner while getting in an out of the bed. It doesn’t feel compressed even if used by a bulky individual for a long period and has the ability to maintain its posture, well.

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5. Memory Foam Mattress & New Innovative

This is a product by Best price mattress offering a total of 8 inch thickness of which 2 inches are memory foam, 2 inches made of a pressure relieving layer and 4 inches of a supportive layer.

It is made of heavy metal to ensure firm and sturdy posture and firm edges. It’s a great buy for those who need a comfortable mattress that ensures perfect body support and comfort. Its poly jacquard cover enhances the comfort and softness of the mattress.

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How to select the best one for you?

The following is a list of some of the amazing and useful points that will help you decide as how to choose the best mattress for side sleepers:

  • In case of a mattress for the side sleepers, it is more about not picking a wrong mattress than how important it is to pick the right one so think properly.
  • Different beds come with different technologies and you must find one which is apt for side sleepers and doesn’t put too much of stress on the pressure points of your body.
  • Analyze your needs as what kind of a sleeper you are and what kind of product will suit your needs.
  • Consider the different sizes of the mattress in accordance to the number of users of the mattresses at a single time. It is also the about the size of bed frame you had at home.
  • If you have any serious joint issues or muscular pains, then buy a mattress with the recommendation of your orthopedic doctor who knows about the best products in this fraternity.

Qualities to consider:

The following are the top quality factors to consider:

  • Consider the density, quality and value of the different layers which are always the part of memory foams.
  • Determine that how good the system is in adapting to the weigh and pressure of your body.
  • Find out the quality features in terms of relieving the pressure points of your body.
  • Find out that how much temperature resistant the mattress is.

Where to buy a best side sleeper mattress?

In order to buy a great mattress for a side sleeper it would be a great idea, to first go through the details of all kinds of options available. After sorting out the category you would like to go for, you must be comparing the qualities and attributes of different brands available in that category of mattresses either it’s memory foam or a latex mattress.

Most people are inclined to buy a memory foam mattress but still there is a range of brands available in that category also. The best way to select the one that suits you is to compare them online and then buy it from a trusted seller that has an established rapport.

Never go to buy a product from an untrusted brand or seller as it may lead you to waste your money.

Always select the product that has plenty of positive reviews and has a proven track record of being as useful as you need it to be.

As a trusted online shopping site Amazon offers the best brands and trusted vendors for their customers and would be a great place for anyone who need a quality mattress for side sleepers.


There are a number of points that you need to consider which range of the dimension of the layers, the quality features and the comfort factor for the side sleepers. The memory foam may emit some chemical due to its temperature resistance so ensuing that the product is satisfied is always a thing that will benefit the users.

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