BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe Review



  • Secure your valuables with the electronically secure BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe. The safe stores up to 30 different fingerprints and only one of the stored fingerprints can open it.
  • The safe comes with pre-drilled holes that allow mounting onto a counter top, floor or shelf. Two motorized, solid deadlock steel locking bolts gives added boosts to the security arrangement.
  • It also comes with two keys for emergency backup, hardware for mounting the safe and a protective floor mat.
  • Both the inner and outer dimensions are ideal. The safe has a outer height of 14.75 inches, a width of 11.25 and a height of 5 inches. This is not much different from the inner dimensions of height 14.5, width of 11 inches and height of 2.5 inches. Apart from the difference in height the length and width of the inner and outer dimensions are close with only a ¼ inch difference.

Pros of the safe

  • Fingerprint technology
    It uses fingerprint technology and this enhances the security features. Since no two persons have the same fingerprint, it is ideal to store valuables such as guns, important documents and money.
  • Convenience
    The pre-drilled holes makes mounting to one of three places possible. The protective mat makes it difficult for anyone from outside to know that a safe is underneath the mat.
  • Emergency back-up
    Emergency back-up keys provides an alternative for opening if technical problems occur. It does not leave the customer hanging in limbo in trying to determine what to do.
  • Dimensions
    The length and width of the inner dimensions is big enough to hold more than one gun along with other valuable items.
  • Steel locking bolts
    Solid steel locking bolt ensures that the lock is safe and hard to open.
  • Low maintenance cost
    It uses AA batteries and the factory batteries can last for up to two years. The prices of these batteries are reasonable so no high maintenance cost expected.
  • Strong and durable
    Composed of steel which makes it strong and sturdy. In fact, well built, strong and sturdy is one customer’s description.
  • Protects children
    It keeps dangerous items such as guns safely away from children.

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Cons of the product

This product has not received any major complaints but it has a major disadvantage. It is not fire proof and this is a major disadvantage for customers. A safe should be safe from theft, fire and other accidents that may cause damage. Customers want to know that when they leave their valuables in a safe they do not need to worry at all. They want to know that their valuables are safe as the name suggest.


The BARSKA safe represents good value for money and is a good buy for several reasons. It can store dangerous items such as guns and just about anything that needs to be out of the reach of children.

The safety of children is paramount. This is a good measure that the smartest of children cannot beat. The safety features are also good enough to ensure that no intruder can have access to its valuables. No two persons have the same fingerprint and that spells security at the highest level. In fact, this is the perfect item for every home, especially those with young children.

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