Berkey Water Filter Review


1.Travel Berkey Water Filter

Travel Berkey water filter, as its name suggests that it is a best purifier for travel purpose. There are so many advantages of travel water filter that may only be evaluated by a person who used to travel from one place to another. Whenever people travel, drinking water is the basic necessity as there are many places where they can’t get pure water.

The Travel Berkey water filter is the best thing that you can pick to get healthy and pure water. It is a fact that we human being can’t live without water, it is also equivalently true that unhygienic or impure water is not only dangerous, but can be a threat to our lives.

The basic aim behind this product is to provide quality water filter that meets the needs of people. Now, you don’t need to worry about the drinking water, just buy travel Berkley water and enjoy healthy, tasty and odorless water.

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Qualities of Travel Berkey Water Filter

There are so many qualities of travel berkey water filtration system that compel you to buy it. Following are few of them

  • Portability: There are many water filters in the market, but have you ever thought how many of them are portable? A very few, right? This is the best portable water filter that will give you access to take it with you.
  • Durability: Apart from being portable, Berkey water filter is also best known for its durability. This is one of the best qualities that we all are looking for.
  • Size: The size of this water filtration system is perfectly fine and can easily be placed in any corner of the room as it will not consume extra space. It has enough space to store water.
  • Pure Water: Travel Berkey water filter is the best system as it will eliminate 99.99% of impure content, whether it is present in the form of chemicals or residues, while other filter can’t provide pure water.
  • Capacity: This water filter is made up of stainless steel and has the capacity to store 1.5 gallons. On an hourly basis, it gives 2.75 gallons of pure and clean water.


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What consumers verbalize about travel berkey water filter?

People gave very encouraging views about this water filter and seems like almost every customer is happy and appreciating its qualities. Many system claims to be good, but we all know that not every product fulfill it promises. Customers like this water filter a lot and called it “perfect and worth buying system, “good product, “very happy with its performance,” etc. All customers gave it full rating.


You will get to see many travel berkey water filter reviews, almost all the reviews are very optimistic and people share its pros and cons that magnetize people toward it. I have seen most of them and collected enough information to write a review on it. After going through all facts and features, I surely recommend you to purchase this product and make your travel better.

2. Big Berkey Water Filter

Big Berkey water filter earned the title of the most popular product of berkey. It has become the center of attraction for the people who are seeking a good water filter with exceptional qualities. This water filter is designed keeping the requirements for people in mind; this is the reason that big Berkey is now an ideal filter for houses use.

If you are reading this review, then this must not be the first one, you must be curious to find the best water filter. I can completely understand your curiosity as searching for water filter to get rid of impure water is a good thing that shows your concern toward your health.

Big Berkey Water filter is worth buying and one should try it, you will not get disappointed. It has oodles of qualities and nice features that definitely impress the buyers.

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Features of Big Berkey Water Filter

Some awe inspiring features of berkey filter are given below

  • Capacity: The Big Berkey water filter designed in such a manner that it can easily be used for a family of 4 to 16 members. It can be called the best filter for an average size family. It has storage of about 2.1 gallons to store the water. You can choose the filtration element, it has two elements, one is two filters and other is four filters element that can produce 3.5 gallons and 7 gallons respectively.
  • Portable: This one is a tremendous quality a filter can have. Whenever we go on a vacation or holiday trip, water became the most essential need and we seem very curious to pack enough water bottles to get plenty of water at the time of an emergency. Now, you can take a big berkey water filter with you as it has the ability to purify even lake water.
  • Durable: If you are thinking that it will not last long then I would like to make it clear that it is not like an ordinary water filter that you might have experienced before. The Big Berkey water filter has a perdurable quality.
  • Pure Water: As we all know that water contains too much impure content that one can ever imagine, for instance, harmful chemicals, parasites and bacteria. Big Berkey removes 99.99% of contaminants. It also removes fluoride and makes water good and worth drinking.


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What consumers verbalize about big berkey water filter?

It’s time to check what customers have in their box to reveal about big Berkey. People who have purchased this water filter are very much satisfied and recommending their relative and friends to buy this to meet their needs. In fact, there are some customers who are using it for a long time and according to them this filter is working fine.


It is the time to say concluded lines and express my thoughts about big berkey water filter. I have read many reviews and came to the conclusion that this one is really a perfect filter to put in the cart.

3. Royal Berkey Water Filter

Do you often go for holidays? Have you worried about the supply of water during travel? If yes, then it is the time to buy Royal Berkey water filter. Let’s discuss the time of an emergency when we actually need a system like Royal Berkey filter.

Just imagine, you are travelling or going to a remote location for a holiday trip and suddenly your car stopped and you compel to wait for a mechanic or search for automotive repair shop. In that case, the first thing you actually need is none other than water. I know you must have faced this situation.

To avoid such carve for water, especially the pure and clean water can be fulfill by Royal Berkey water filter. This is a dual purpose filter system; you can use it for home use or can take it with you. People are using it both the ways and trust me, you will not regret on your choice of purchasing this water filter.

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Features of Royal Berkey Water Filter

  • Going through the features of any product can give you an idea that what that particular product has for you and how it will benefit you. Royal Berkey has some dazzling features that are:
  • Portable: I have seen many water filters, but none of them have a portability feature. This feature enables us to go on a vacation without worrying about the quality of water. You will get pure water all the time.
  • Clean water: We never trust the ability of any portable filter as there are many products that cannot provide pure water, but Royal Berkey is not like other ordinary water filters. It lives up to your expectation and provides 99.99% pure water. If you still have any doubt, then you can see the videos that show the test of water.
  • Size: The size of Royal Berkey is engineered for big families of about 4 to 26 members. It offers the storage capacity of 3 gallons. It is up to you to choose between two or four Berkey elements that give 4 and 8 gallons of water per hour respectively.
  • Easy to use: It provides an easy access to the customers. You don’t need an electricity to make it work, nor does it depend on the pressure of water. It doesn’t take time to purify the water, which means you will get clean water in no time.


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What consumers verbalize about Royal Berkey water filter?

Customers have all the praises for Royal Berkey water filter. Berkey is a popular name, and have been working in the field of filters for so long. It built its reputation among the masses and cares for the requisites of the consumers. Many people have given full ratings for the performance of Royal Berkey water filter.


I strongly recommend you to buy Royal Berkey water filter and make your travel good. It not only purifies the water, but also makes it taste good. It has all the features that we are looking for.

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