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Best injector cleaner for petrol and diesel engines

Fuel injectors’ function

Once the automobile industry kissed carburetors goodbye, it searched far and wide for the next compatible replacement. After decades of development, the electronic fuel injector has become the mainstay in both domestic and international vehicles. Before the gasoline or diesel undergoes combustion, it is the fuel injector’s job to atomize the fuel through a pressurized chamber which ignites the burning process. The spray should be able to pass through a narrow nozzle unobstructed for an efficient burn, hence maximizing fuel consumption. Fuel injectors uncluttered with dirt and debris also produce cleaner emissions which abide by the emissions law.


If you wanna clean your fuel injector kits yourself,  just watch this video below and follow it step-by-step. It couldn’t be easier!

Classification of fuel injector cleaners

Of course, there are types of engines, one for petrol and one for diesel. These differences in fuel preference also result in various distinctions and require specialized cleaners.

  • Diesel Fuel Cleaners are not needed on diesel engines as often as petrol engines. Fuel injectors of diesel automobiles employ very high pressure up to 26,000 psi at a time, thus cleaning out the nozzle. There is a higher possibility that the fuel injector has been worn out over time. However, there is a reality of sediment build-up which comes from the residue of stripped lubricant made by the application of very strong chemicals and even
  • Petrol Fuel Cleaners are also known as gasoline cleaners. It is vital that in petrol engines, the best injector cleaner is used as so not to compromise the performance of the vehicle. Cheap fuel and external dirt from water and the exposed air can cause dirt and debris build-up in the nozzle of the fuel injector. In older models, additives are poured in the fuel tank every thousand miles or so to upkeep maintenance.   However, a more thorough cleaning will require a fuel injection cleaning kit like the S.U.R. & R. FIC 203 model.

The best brand we recommend

  • The S.U.R. & R. FIC203 Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit is meant to give your fuel injectors a complete cleaning including its neighboring parts including intake valves and fuel passages. Able to carry a full canister up to 18 ounces, the FIC203 depends on air pressure to thoroughly flush out unwanted dirt and cleans more effectively than aerosol procedures.
  • As one of the best injector cleaner kits in the market, the FIC203 includes all its connectors from its signature S.U.R. & R. Quick Connectors as well as an adapter set that encompasses 85% of all types of automobiles both foreign and locally made. What many users like about the FIC203 is its versatility to service both types of engines – diesel or gasoline. Its adapters and gauge are compatible to any shop air and may require an air compressor to take full effect.


It is vital to use only the best injector cleaner in conjunction with a kit. According to satisfied clients, it is through the induction method wherein the kit can provide a stream of cleaning solution through the fuel injectors where it is meant to dissolve and cleanse any remaining sediments. Without the cleaning kit, additives can be added to the tank although it does not provide an all-out and specific cleaning.

Before and After Cleaning

It is advised that older models get a cleaning after a thousand miles as sediments easily build-up in worn engines while newer models should invest in the best injector cleaner and get a flush at least biannually as prevention care. Getting your injectors cleaned should be imperative on your part as an automobile owner.

Apart from cleaner emissions, a combustion process unobstructed by any debris allows fuel to be fully maximized, lessening consumption in the long run. Physical benefits in your vehicle may be felt as well after using one of the best injector cleaners. Eliminating start-up problems like hesitation and rough idling, your car runs smoother and faster as well.

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The only real downside of the S.U.R. & R. FIC203 Fuel Injection Cleaning Kit is that you may need some automotive and mechanical knowledge to work it to its full extent. Other users have also noted that not all of the kit’s fittings are compatible with their automobiles. A solution to this is to use the rubber hose to connect the canister and the adapter. It may take a little patience with all the parts but the FIC203 is a good long term investment especially for auto shops and specialists looking to get their capital back in just a matter of weeks. A bit pricey but when coupled with a good additive, the FIC 203 may be one of the best injector cleaners out in the market.

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