DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams Full Crazy EuroTop mattress, 9-Inch Review 2015



A good night’s rest is very important for your posture and your overall health. If you have experienced or talked to someone who has had a back problem, they will tell you that the pain sometimes gets so unbearable that they can not even close their eyes. The mattress we sleep on can influence how much the night’s rest can be good. If you sleep on a lumpy mattress, then you open yourself up to back trouble if you don not have it. That’s why most doctors will recommend firm mattresses for people who have or want to stave off back problems.

Why do I choose a firm mattress with so many mattress brands out there? Apart from the firmness, what other qualities should the mattress have to ensure that back troubles are a thing of the past? To answer these questions, you have to look at 3 essential components that make a good mattress. The filler material, size of the mattress and the durability. When you buy a mattress, let’s choose one that will actually meet all the criteria so that you can spend some years before thinking about a new mattress.

There are so many mattresses out there,  one of the manufacturers you should be cognisant of Dreamfoam. They incorporate the latest technology to bettering their foam mattress and guarantee you have a good night rest once you lie on them. One model that you have look at is the DreamFoam Bedding Ultimate Dreams. Overall, it offers its user comfort without a high price tag attached to it.


Features of the DreamFoam Bedding Ulimate Dreams

Before you buy this DreamFoam model, it’s very important that you find out what makes it unique from the other models that are out there. You have to factor in the criteria mentioned above so that you can make an informed decision. Below are the qualities that make this mattress so unique from the rest.

  • The core is made of dual convoluted layer with Trizone support. This essentially means that the layer on the foam has an even number of springs that ensure that weight is distributed evenly and there are no pressure points on the mattress
  • The mattress is made of a 100%  cotton
  • The mattress is made of Centipur US which is very high quality
  • The mattress is 9 inches in height.
  • The mattress has a medium firm feel for great contouring support.

The advantages of the DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams Mattress

After strict examining the features, You can proceed to evaluating the advantages of buying and using this mattress at home before making a final decision. You have not used the mattress already it’s very important that you find out what other people said about it and whether it solved their problems. Below are the advantages that come with using this mattress.

  • The mattress is very affordable
  • The mattress in has medium firmness that takes care for the back by enabling a natural curvature of the spine
  • It’s made cotton which is does not get overheated or too cold when the temperature fluctuates
  • It’s  very durable because of the high quality materials employed in its construction

The drawbacks

It’s very important that you look at not only the merits of this mattress but also its demerits.

The only demerit is that stains on the cotton can lead to accumulation mildew and hence requires a lot of care in order to maintain its cleanliness.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a long lasting, comfortable and large bed, then this bed is worth the buy


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