Best Places to Buy Used Air Compressors


There’s a large market for second-hand items like used air compressors out there in the Internet, but it comes with an equally large pool of scammers and fraudsters. If anything, the best advice to someone out to buy something online is to keep their “bullshitometer” on utmost levels of performance – but there are still a couple measures you can take to reduce your chances of losing money and time without having to become paranoid.


Here’s little list of some of the best, or simply most common places to get used air compressors.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is probably the best place to buy or sell anything online. Having grown into a massive international Internet marketplace, it’s no longer just a place for books and authors, but a place for, well. Anything. It’s also got very sophisticated customer support, great resources, and an amazing reputation.

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  1. Ebay

Everybody remembers Ebay, right? Well, it’s still a great place to buy things, although they’ve been overshadowed by their biggest competitor, Amazon. So if you’re looking for a place to buy used air compressors, and Amazon just isn’t working for you – give Ebay a go.

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  1. Craigslist

Ah, yes – the infamous Craigslist. Started by a man named Craig, its not-quite enigmatic, yet spotlight-avoiding founder is as blankly stoic as the site itself seems to be – but you’ll still get a few really good used air compressors, if you look hard enough. Just beware of scammers – Craigslist has improved a good bit over the years in helping you not get screwed with, but that doesn’t mean that their systems are completely impregnable.

  1. Facebook

The last little site on this list happens to rank number 2 in the world for traffic – and for a good reason. If you’ve got a used air compressor to sell, or if you’re looking for anyone with an air compressor who’s looking to parting with it, then you’ve got yourself a deal with a (probably) trusted person.


And that’s it! There are other places to buy used air compressors online, yet the four listed above are the most common, and the largest – and thus give you a good shot at getting a great deal.

Another tip to keep in mind are local forums. Chances are, if you’re in a well-populated area, you may find other people with common interests in carpentry or general housework – in which case things like forum-listed classified ads will give you the opportunity to pick up a great deal incredibly close to you.

Finally, always remember that the best deals come from reputable sellers, so check any and all potential deals before contacting a seller for further information. Customer reviews, online tips and sites with buyer’s protection are preferred, especially if you not only want to get value for your money, but also want to make sure that you actually get your used air compressor in return. That’s it! Now, go out there and get lucky – who knows, maybe you’ll find that amazing deal for a used air compressor right now.

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