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The possibility of encountering engine complications rises with prolonged use of a vehicle. Older models require more maintenance to keep up with the demands of the driver. This hands the owner the responsibility of regular tune-ups and cleaning, which is not limited to the exterior of a car. In fact, it is within the engine where graver problems may plague the entirety of the vehicle. A fuel injection system that is not carefully preserved can lead to future dilemmas like rough idling, faulty start-ups, dirty emissions and loss of horsepower.

Why You Have Engine Problems

A likely reason behind this could be a build-up of muck within the chambers of the fuel injectors. These sediments, once ignored over time, start to creep over the nozzle of the fuel injectors and eventually block the exit towards the combustion chamber. Once the combustion is hindered, fuel is not maximized resulting in a wasteful loss of power.

Another ground for worry is also your fuel tank where impurities, water and even bad fuel can definitely compromise engine performance once they enter the system. It is at this point that engine complications start to manifest themselves. As a car owner, it therefore becomes imperative to keep the fuel injection system free of dirt and contaminants.Best-Review-Of-OTC-6550PRO-Professional-Master-Fuel-Injection-Service-Kit-1

What You Can Do

There’s always the option of handing over your vehicle to an auto repair shop. But considering the amount of work it’s going to take them to flush out your engine and the thousands of dollars it’s going to cost you, you should start scouring online for alternatives. A more feasible substitute for expensive processes could be DIY fuel injection service kits and their corresponding solvents. Fuel injector cleaners like the OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit may just be your best bet in salvaging your vehicle and its maintenance in the future.

What You Can Expect With the OTC 6550PRO

  • Full service operating kit. Best used for automobile shops and even personal use.
  • 0-100 pounds per square inch analog fuel pressure gauge. Preferred by professionals as it shows more accurate pressure readings and pressure sweeps during the testing analysis.
  • Pressure testing manifold comes with a bypass valve. This allows the user to accomplish fundamental fuel flow assessments.
  • Includes an abundance of various adapters. Adapters to fit European, American and Asian models include Schrader valve fittings to prevent leakage and sprays that can happen when connecting and disconnecting the pressure gauge to the fuel line or to the cleaning canister.
  • Fuel Service Injection application manual. Covers models from 1997-2008 including very thorough instructions

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What Reviews Are Saying

Buyers of the OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit on Amazon have given the product mostly positive reviews. A satisfied customer who gave the product a 5-star rating is happy with the ease of the kit’s use. With well-made fittings that assure no leaks and precise pressure gauge readings ranging from 0-10 psi, the 6550PRO is affordable and efficient in cleaning fuel injection systems.

Other buyers recommend the use of the OTC fuel injector cleaner tool to complement the 6550PRO for an effective cleaning of the fuel injectors. With an encompassing fuel service injection manual, users are treated to model specific tips for fuel pressure ranges and fuel disable methods.

The connectors are very tight, the hoses just as durable and its adapters are easy to snap on and off fittings. Mechanics that have used the kit have mentioned its versatility to service all types of engines from Jeeps to Porsches and even Harleys.



Expect a large bulky suitcase that you may need to allocate a lot of shop or garage space for. The size however, should not dismay you from purchase. As a professional kit with first-class elements, expect it to include a plethora of parts. Although sold separately from the OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner, both when used together along with any workable solvent can restore fuel injectors to pristine condition.

Who This Is Best For

Because of the thorough instruction manual and the versatility of the adapters and fittings, the 6550PRO is perfect for any responsible car owner. Owners of Asian, European and American vehicles will definitely benefit from the DIY system. A steal at just below the $$$$ dollar range, it topples multiple repairs that can cost up to thousands of dollars each time. Auto repair shops are also a huge market for the 6550PRO as it simplifies and hastens the process of flushing out dirt and grime from fuel injection systems.

Additionally, if you still wanna check other types of fuel system treatment, please feel free to read our in-depth review on homepage.

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