Best Review Of OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner


Why You Need To Maintain Your Engine

  • Car trouble starts with an aging model or one that is not properly maintained. After some time, we become complacent to our vehicle’s needs that it retracts by showcasing an array of complications we never knew were there to begin with. For one, dirty emissions are a clear signal of “it’s time to clean your engine”.
  • Other possible outcomes of dirty engine variants, specifically in the fuel injection system include a slower acceleration (or drive altogether), stalling during start-up and even the loss of horsepower. It therefore becomes mandatory to flush your vehicle’s fuel injection system every thousand miles or so not just to keep it clean but also, to extend its life; thus more money in your pocket for you to save.


  • Sediments and grime that build up mostly at the nozzle of each fuel injector due to prolonged use are the culprits behind many engine problems. While the accumulated dirt grows thicker, the nozzle opening has less and less space to effectively atomize the fuel. What happens is that, instead of a full burn, only half or less of the fuel is combusted. Whatever is left joins the dark abyss of sedimentary build-up and becomes a nuisance to your fuel system. Without that effective combustion, you don’t maximize the fuel you keep paying for. How’s about the result? It’s, in the end, is a total loss in engine power and a waste of good fuel.

Why You Need A Fuel Injector Cleaner

Although there are a number of DIY solutions that work in conjunction with your choice of fuel, these are merely additives with each fuel-up. Depending on your car’s model and age, a deep cleaning of its fuel system may be necessary after a few thousand miles. I own a Ford pick-up that’s been with me for over a decade. It had started to roughly idle (meaning it had a little lurch in this phase) and I thought of bringing it to the mechanic. After giving me doubtful advice and a hefty bill of the possible repairs, I started looking for alternative solutions. I couldn’t bear the thought of an engine drop that would cost thousands of dollars and a week in the shop.


Why You Should Consider OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner

  • I browsed online and found the OTC cleaning line, read superb reviews and decided to try it myself. I purchased the OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner along with the OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit since they best worked hand in hand. The OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner easily connects to any shop air supply. The ideal air pressure for my particular vehicle is 5 psi which is adjustable in the OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner’s built-in regulator. This level of pressure is enough to hold back the cleaner from your fuel tank. Also, you will need an air compressor to maximize this product.


  • On top of that, I chose to buy the OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit because its fitting best suited the OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner. Certain vehicles however like GMC and Chryslers will need custom-made fitting adapters in order for the product to attach to the fuel rail.

What Happens After Using The OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner

Let me just say, after using the OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner with the OTC Pro Inject-R Kleen Fluid, my engine was practically purring in a matter of hours. Reviews read that you can pretty much use any complementary cleaning solvent to purge your system but I opted to go all-out OTC. Once I run out of the OTC Pro Inject-R Kleen Fluid for my fuel injector, I may have to find an alternative additive. These OTC cleaners are hard to come by in any of the auto shops in town and are mostly available online.


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After the cleaning, the fuel injectors of my pick-up were free from all the dirt and sediment build-up. In fact, using the OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner restored my fuel system to its original glory. I would go as far as to say it is now in pristine condition. My start-ups are more fluid and the odd stumbling at the idle was eliminated completely. My emissions are noticeably cleaner and I am currently experiencing smoother drives and a more responsive engine. I accelerate without any complications and may even be as fast as it was a decade ago. I am satisfied with the OTC 7448 Fuel Injection Cleaner because it did its job great and saved me thousands of dollars in repair and maintenance.

Additionally, if you still wanna check other types of fuel system treatment, please feel free to read our in-depth review on homepage; or another amazing review of “OTC 6550PRO Professional Master Fuel Injection Service Kit“.

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