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Because of their discreet role in operating tools, air compressors hardly ever get the spotlight. However, these underrated devices are a critical component in carpentry and other industrial jobs. The popularity of more compact models has risen significantly with a market for DIY home improvement and repair projects. Air compressors are vital for operating pneumatic tools such as nail guns, spray guns and the like. Those with less power are compatible for air brushing and inflating tires.

Modern units of compressors being released are mostly oil-free. These boast cleaner emissions and fewer complications when running. Unfortunately, despite being powerful, a number of air compressors are also extremely noisy and are not meant to be used indoors. Introducing the Senco PC1010, a compact air compressor that is reportedly ultra-quiet and powerful enough to work small tools.

Features of the Senco PC1010 Air Compressor

  • Oil-free ½ HP direct-drive motor that can pump air up to 125 psi
  • 1 Gallon Air Tank includes air tank gauge
  • Cylinder made of aluminium
  • Adjustable air pressure levels up to a maximum of 120 psi
  • Only 20 lbs. in weight
  • Noiseless motor when operated at only 69 decibels
  • Strategic handle allows for portability
  • 7 SCFM at 90 psi (and 1 CFM)
  • Only 4 amps when running

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Benefits of the Senco PC1010 Air Compressor

  • Its ½ HP motor is ultra-quiet and thus perfect for indoor use running at just 4 amps. It is compatible with small tools such as nail guns and trim guns.
  • Running at 0.7 SCFM at 90 psi (and 1 CFM), the air compressor can supply enough air for small jobs such as airbrushing, painting and trimming.
  • Aluminium cylinder ensures durability of the motor and long-lasting usage.
  • Very light and compact at only 20 lbs., the Senco P1010 can be carried from one jobsite to the next without any problems.
  • Adjustable air pressure caters to a variety of tools that also need varied levels of pressure.
  • The Senco PC1010 1 gallon tank is easily filled and can quickly supply air to tools and fill inflatables. The air tank gauge allows for the monitoring of pressure levels.


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  • The ½ HP motor is virtually noiseless at 69 decibels and can be used for working indoors. The Senco PC 1010 is ideal for home jobs that will require a discreet compressor for the tenants’ sake.
  • At just 4 amps, the Senco PC 1010 is energy-efficient and not likely to overheat with constant use.
  • With a pump up time of 141 seconds and a recovery time of 42 seconds, it is efficient with 15 gauge trim guns and 18 gauge nail guns. Provides a maximum pressure of 120-125 psi which can service small pneumatic tools and inflate tires.
  • Extremely light at just 20 lbs. Reviews online love that it is very easy to carry around. The Senco PC 1010 is perfect for small trim and repair jobs.
  • The air tank includes a gauge for users to keep an eye on air pressure levels. The adjustable air pressure of the compressor cans service a number of tools with different pressure level needs.


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  • The Senco PC 1010 is limited to small jobs. While it may be perfect for airbrushing and trimming, it is not powerful enough to supply air to spray guns and bigger drills.
  • While most users have praised its apparent silence when running, some online reviews of the product have complains with the apparent noise level. Although not as noisy as pancake or industrial size compressors, the sound levels are still loud enough to overpower a conversation and can be heard in the neighbouring rooms.
  • There have also been reports of air leaks with the 1 gallon tank. Unfortunately, any damage inflicted on the compressor after the 1 year warranty period is no longer their responsibility. Also, the warranty applies only for the USA and doesn’t cover neighbouring states.

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The Senco PC 1010 Air Compressor is ideal for home use. It is highly recommended for trim carpenters and home owners for light jobs. The air compressor is also compatible with a variety of small tools such as airbrushes, brad guns, nail guns and the like. However, don’t expect the ½ HP motor to take on heavy duty work. The compressor will recycle faster at higher pressure levels so best to keep it at 90 psi. If you want an effective compressor to finish small jobs, this is your machine, but for anything more, I suggest you look for one with a more powerful motor and a larger air tank.

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