Bruch up The Miter Saw for Better Performance


For all sorts of wood work project jobs, you are going to need a miter saw.  You can use this machine for custom wood work projects too such as molding of frames, cross-cutting and trimming of long pieces of wood. You can cut accurately if you have got the miter saw machine. Do you have one ? If not , click here to find out the best miter saw machine

While you work with the miter saw machine if run into some trouble, then here are some tips and tricks which will help you to clean up the machine.

  • Wash the blade of the machine

When you have some kind of trouble with the miter saw, wash out the blade of the machine. You have to sharpen the teeth of the blade. It is recommended that you clean the blade methodically.  If there are any tear-outs on the edges of the blade, then you can replace it with the carbide tip blade. If the blade is in good shape then there is no need of replacing it, just service it thoroughly and fix it back in the machine. You can even re-sharp the blade if you find some chipped teeth.

Wash the blade of the machine
  • Adding some alterations to the blade

Adding some alterations to the blade

For better performance, you can add some alterations. The miter saw device is armed with the standard blade which comprises of 40-60 tooth. With this blade, you can cut fine wood and break down rough stocks.  For smoother cuts with preciseness, you need a blade with more tooth. So it’s suggested to use the 80-100 tooth blade for crosscutting. It is an extra expenditure but you can feel the difference by yourself while drawing cuts in the wood.

  • Modification of the throat plate

When you make cuts with the miter saw, the blade will plunge down and the throat plate will not support the surface. For this you can use the straight-edge if you see a gap and lift up the throat plate by sticking some layer of tape. This will give support to the surface while you make cuts in any kind of wood pieces.


Modification of the throat plate

  • Create congestion

The throat pate of the miter saw machine can be closed against the side of the blade by losing the screws and you can slide it together.  This way you can create a 0-clearance blade opening. Now, you can make cuts effectively and accurately.

  • Backing –up

Scarp wood material can be used for backing-up the machine. For the prevention of tear outs, you can use the pile of scrap wood. You can place one piece of wood on the table and another piece of scrap wood sideways with the fence. A support is created to back-up the wood piece from upside and below. This way you can prevent tear outs and slipping of the blade while you cut down wood pieces.

  • Mark line and then cut

Mark line and then cut

One more remedy of getting rid of tear outs is here. You can first mark the line on the work piece and then you make the cut. Usually for this purpose the miter saw machines are equipped up with the latest laser market technology. You can adjust the laser marker, clamp in the work piece and then pin the laser market where you want to make a cut. This way you will be able to make cuts accurately and no tear outs will be experienced.

These are some of the techniques and home-made remedies which will help you to make fine cuts with the help of the miter saw machine.

If you want to know more about the techniques and tips which are required for better performance of this machine then you must explore this web link  or our old post for more information .

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