How to buy the perfect industrial air compressors


Contractor or industrial air compressors are powerful machines which are significantly stronger when compared to the ones intended for personal use. While buying one should only be done by those who are truly in need of it, such as those who work in construction, or those who like to take DIY projects are home, the process can still be quite difficult from time to time, mainly due to the fact that there are a ton of different models and understanding what each one does in particular is an essential factor in picking the right device.


The power of the industrial air compressors that are chosen plays an important role when it comes down to the actual uses of it. With this in mind, here are some of the most popular models, each with a different amount of power, thus a couple of different uses.

  • Twin-stack air compressors

These models have a total of 2 air stacks to ensure that more air can be stored. These models are usually good for carpenters as these devices have enough power to run air tools such as brad guns or nailers without any problem.

  • Wheelbarrow compressors

These models are mostly designed for use at job-sites, as they are built with large air tanks, strong materials and incredibly powerful engines to ensure that they can easily handle conditions that can be considered challenging. These ones can also be pulled through rough terrains, usually met at construction sites and can handle running powerful air tools.

  • Truck-Mount air compressor

Andevice like this will most probably overtake all of the models that have been mentioned until now, as they also happen to be the biggest and most powerful portable air compressors that can be used.  Such a device will easily allow anyone to run powerful and large air tools for an entire day without encountering any trouble whatsoever. However, as the name states, these industrial-grade compressors can only be used in areas that are drivable.

  • Rotary Screw Air compressors

Also known as the most powerful on the market, these devices aren’t portable and need to be placed in areas such as factories or professional garages where compressed air is needed at all times in order to run powerful air tools. These devices are powered by two rotating screws and are capable of creating quite a low of power, while also keeping extremely low energy consumption, thus making them perfect for factories and car services from all around the world.


Leaving aside the power and the uses of each type of air compressor, another important factor to keep in mind is the price. Don’t buy a device that cannot be afforded, consumes to much energy or is simply too strong or weak for the activities that it will be used for, as doing so can make maintaining an air compressor a financial problem for just about anyone.

By keeping all of the tips which have been highlighted above in mind, anyone will be able to purchase great industrial air compressors which will get the job done without any trouble.

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