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Today’s comparison is an interesting one: two completely separate and individual Cuisinart ice cream maker reviews, each with their very own pros, and their very own cons –the ICE-45, and the ICE-100. As you might’ve noticed, Cuisinart is a fairly successful brand online – and one of the first brands you’ll be offered when you’re looking for an ice cream maker. But, despite that similarity, these two aren’t very alike.

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Cuisinart ICE-45 Mix-It-In Soft Serve

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The ICE-45 is an ice cream maker I’m a bit iffy about, for personal tastes. I enjoy ice cream, but soft serve never particularly hit my sweet spot – so I wasn’t much of a fan of the maker before I even tried it out. I did get curious, though, so I gave it a run – and after a couple times, my family and I decided that it wasn’t for us.


That doesn’t, by any means, make it a bad maker. All things considered, it’s actually quite good. One and a half quarts is a bit on the small side of things, so we found sharing to be quite hard. Speaking of hard, the machine does make the ice cream hard if you leave it running for too long – which isn’t a particularly good thing, since it can damage the motor before automatically shutting off.

Another thing I liked about the ICE-45 is the fact that its nozzle was quite easy to clean – which surprised me a lot. You’d guess that an ice cream maker with as many complicated parts as the ICE-45 might have, not just churning, but also dispending the ice cream, holding the cone, and keeping the toppings ready, would make it all difficult to clean. But, to the contrary, it isn’t difficult at all. The topping dispenser can be tricky, though, as it dumps its contents quite liberally. I just put them on the ice cream manually.

At this point I would just be nitpicking. There are plenty Cuisinart ice cream maker reviews that list the specs of the product, and some reviews that make issue of things that aren’t an issue – things like pre-freeze bowls, tricky timing, noise, and size – but that being said, they’re not issues, but inconveniences. It still manages to include a unique and interesting feature almost seamlessly, and for that it deserves my thumbs up as a good product.

Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

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It’s a whole different story when you’re comparing it with the ICE-100. From both of these machines, the only thing the ICE-45 truly has going for it is price. The ICE-100 is bigger, it has two ice cream making paddles for two separate types of ice cream, and it can freeze the cream without requiring a pre-frozen bowl. It has a timer to stop churning and freezing the ice cream once it’s finished, and keeps the ice cream cool after the process is done without hardening it too much.


The maker doesn’t come without its cons, of course. It’s larger than your average ice cream maker, it’s somewhat loud, and you may have to fiddle around with the paddles and the motor arm befor you get the hang of it – but when you do, it’ll be one of your favorite kitchen appliances.

Despite the seemingly high price, the ICE-100 is actually a good deal when compared to other compressor ice cream makers of similar quality.

However, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. The ICE-45 caters to the small family that likes soft-serve ice cream, whereas the ICE-100 is a more serious commitment, meaning it makes more ice cream, and at a higher price.


As I said, Cuisinart ice cream maker reviews are plenty out there, but none are an end-all-be-all answer to your choices, but an idea of how a product should work. In my case, I’ve tested these makers, or had friends who tested them – and what I say is true, unless you get a defective model. In the case of the ICE-45 and ICE-100, however, comparisons don’t have much to do with your choice – the ICE-100 is better than the ICE-45, yet a family on a budget with no need for gelato or thicker ice cream will be much happier getting the ICE-45, and spending the saved money on something else. Both are very good makers, so the answer lies in what you’re planning to do with them. Finally, I think many of you may take interest to know what the current best home ice cream maker, is it right? In case, please feel free to enjoy other of my articles that took me tons of time and effort to do research and experiment on various kinds of ice cream makers models. Good luck!

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