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Introduction to the Lucas injector cleaner review

Why do we need fuel injector cleaners?

A problematic engine can be a real headache for car owners. Dirty emissions, long hesitations, rough idling and lean misfires are just a few effects of a malfunctioning engine. But more often than not, an older model may just need a bit of outside help. After some use, an automobile’s fuel injectors and fuel tank can gather dirt and debris which compromises the engine’s performance. Loss of horsepower could occur every thousand miles or so and your car may need more fuel to keep it running. A deep clean or even a continued maintenance of your automobile could definitely save you from future troubles and even maximize fuel consumption.Our-detailed-lucas-fuel-injector-cleaner-review-1

How do fuel cleaners work?

But what should you specifically clean?

  • The engine is a mechanical work of art sporting hundreds of parts all conjoined into a working mechanism. When you’ve started to notice that your driving isn’t as smooth, your ride a little rougher and your emissions filthier than before, then it’s about time you used an effective product to dissolve all that gunk build-up at the nozzles of your fuel injectors. A clean and unobstructed nozzle will produce a complete spray pulse and width ready for combustion.
  • Low grade fuel will be filled with ethanol, something you don’t want too much of because it does leave behind a messy trail. Also, sediments carried by the air and even water can enter your fuel tank can jeopardize your engine’s performance as well.


What BRAND do we recommend?


  • A new product making names in the market, the Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment, is a great option for both gasoline and diesel engines.  Many users are raving on Lucas fuel injector reviews, saying it really does make a calculable difference in their automobiles. So, I decided to try out the fuel treatment for myself.
  • Reading up on Lucas fuel injector cleaner reviews, I did as recommended and poured in just four ounces every time I filled up to 13 gallons of my fuel tank. It was only after a few more drives that I noticed a considerable difference. My ride had been smoother and starting the car no longer posed any hassles like stalling. Now, every time my gas is low, I pour in Lucas Oil and then fill up the tank. Soon, I was getting more miles per gallon up to two or three mpg in fact.


Lucas fuel injector cleaner reviews will attest to the cleaner’s ability to use up the sediment build-up in the car’s combustion process, thus increasing power and mileage, even enhancing engine performance in the long run. Other cleaners merely clean the interior of fuel injector and are notorious for stripping the lubricant within its walls. However, in many cases, users claim that the product maintains the lubrication. Upon closer inspection, I did notice my fuel injection system and my pumps were almost pristine and were working in its prime condition. The product also claims to aid automobiles with problems regarding low sulfur levels by neutralization.


  • Lately, I came to the conclusion that the Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment is best paired with premium fuel. Gasoline with high octane levels in partnership with the product really does produce visible results. Advice online from a hosts of experts and experienced users also recommends the product as maintenance every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. However, my overzealousness prompted me to add in a few ounces every time I filled up. Although, I can confidently say that I have saved thousands of dollars in auto repairs. Build-up repairs require the engine and transmission removed temporarily in order to be cleansed thoroughly through expensive procedures that can go up to 18 hours and can reach thousands of dollars.


  • Although the product has been flawless in my book, other Lucas fuel injector cleaner reviews have brought up certain disparities in the batches of the product. Negative feedback includes no real change in the engine and especially in the fuel injection system. The Lucas Oil Fuel Treatment is sold in 1-gallon containers, usually in packs of four. Do buy it wholesale because the selling retail prices of individual containers are a bit more pricey than the singular price of a four-pack.

Of course, fuel injector cleaners do vary in composition and effectiveness. It truly depends on what your automobile is more compatible with. Anyway, I still recommend cleaner treatment from Lucas as a really good and reliable one. In case you are NOT really into this product, I will advise you to check another profound review from us: “what is the best fuel system cleaner” / “Gumout fuel system cleaner review” where you can probably find better BRANDS for your choice.

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