DeVilbiss Air Compressor Facts


A DeVilbiss air compressor comes from one of the oldest companies on the block, and with that old age comes a lot of heritage. While many companies can boast a century or so of existence, DeVilbiss’ origins are a bit stranger than you might’ve guessed – and it’s not just their origins that make them a trusted brand, and their air compressors a good product.devilbiss-air-compressor-facts-1

Let’s take a look at a few DeVilbiss facts that you may not have known.

  1. They’re probably older than your grandfather.

Founded near the end of the 19th century in 1888, DeVilbiss has over a hundred years of history behind itself, with products ranging from atomizers and spray machines to their DeVilbiss air compressors, and more.

  1. The company was founded by a doctor.

Perhaps most strange is the fact that the company was first created by a physician – Dr. Allen DeVilbiss set about creating a device for medical health, rather than carpentry.devilbiss-air-compressor-facts-2

  1. The first atomizer was made with a bulb, some tubing, and an oil can.

Setting out on his quest, Dr. DeVilbiss came up with his first atomizer – using a bulb, tubing, and the base of an oil can. His son was the first to adapt his father’s invention and produce a perfumizer and spraycan that would begin a long line of production, leading to quality products like DeVilbiss air compressors, and DeVilbiss sprayguns, revolutionizing the automotive finishing industry.

  1. They came up with the first truly efficient spraycan.

Back then, the only way to truly apply lacquer and paint was with, well, a brush. DeVilbiss’ son, Thomas DeVilbiss, completely changed that when he created an efficient handheld spraycan, making the automotive finishing production line a much more efficient and productive place.

  1. They produce way more than just air compressors.

Although DeVilbiss air compressors are some of the best on the market, the fact remains that the company  started out with a whole plethora of automobile finishing products – air compressors were simply a logical step in the right direction.

While the company’s origins in healthcare may seem strange and defining, they still pride themselves in the fact that they’ve been producing the finest quality pumps and other machinery. A DeVilbiss air compressor will last you a long time, that’s for sure – one of the company’s defining features is their products durability.devilbiss-air-compressor-facts-3

And now, for a little final fact!

  1. DeVilbiss products are used in the aerospace industry, too.

Airplanes are a dangerous, risky business – building one involves making sure every last nut and bolt is symmetrical and has the same amount of durability – often, entire parts of the plane are removed and replaced not because they’re broken, but simply because they’re older than some other parts. In this precise and intricate industry, a single mistake can mean the death of hundreds, instantly – so if things like a DeVilbiss air compressor find themselves in use in aviation, then you can trust their sense of quality and dedication.

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