Do You Know What Is The Best Fuel Injector Cleaner?


Common question than ever: “What is the best fuel injector cleaner”?

An engine not cared for will pose as a future problem to the automobile as a whole and even compromise performance. Can you imagine losing 5% of horsepower every ten thousand miles or so? It’s a tragedy that we pay so much for gasoline to find out that we aren’t maximizing fuel consumption.

Apart from not getting your money’s worth, internal problems can cause start-up hesitations, rough idling, dirty emissions and similar car frustrations. These may be actual signals that your engine, particularly your fuel injectors are building up filth and grime within their chambers.


When asking yourself, “what is the best fuel injector cleaner for my automobile?,” do keep in mind the type of engine your car uses. Fuel injectors vary in models where a diesel engine is host to a distinct kind of fuel injection system compared to that of a petrol engine. Diesel engines employ a compression method which goes all the way up to a maximum pressure of 25,000 psi. On the other hand, petrol engines which work through the help of a spark plug produce pressure only up to a bit over 60 psi. However, both fuel injection systems result in a combustion process ignited by the atomized fuel from the nozzle of a fuel injector.

My own story

  • So what is the best fuel injector cleaner for my car’s set-up? Well, depending on your budget and faith in a particular product, you’ll eventually settle with one. In my case, it was the Liqui-Moly Jectron Fuel Cleaner that did the trick. As an additive chemical, it cleansed my Ford Explorer’s fuel injection system. At just a fourth of the fuel in my gas tank, I poured in the Liqui-Moly Jectron into my fuel tank and ran the pick-up all the way to the nearest highway gas station and then filled her up. I automatically felt a dramatic difference after that full tank. My ride was smoother; the start-up was just as quick as well. The Jectron eliminated all that stalling and hesitation a worn engine usually does. Also a few miles out, the engine hummed better and any pollution emitted from my vehicle was eliminated in the process.


  • The Liqui-Moly Jectron has the ability to dissolve carbon deposits that can clog the nozzle of your fuel injectors. This build-up of dirt and debris sacrifices the spray width and pulse of the injector, thus taking its toll on the actual process of combustion resulting in an inefficient burn. When faced with the question,”hmm, so what is the best one I should choose?” explore your options first. It also helps to pinpoint the source of the problem.

In my experience, it was time for a maintenance cleaning. Without wanting to spend that much on an actual kit or on a specialist, I settled for considerably what is the best fuel injector cleaner on the market – in my opinion at least.  I had made the mistake of settling for low-quality fuel a few times which left more deposits in my fuel injection system than I can imagine once the gasoline had been burned. Also, over time detergent present even in branded fuel also added to the dregs at the base of the nozzle. I’m not very particular about my pick-up but I do feel that maintenance will save me a lot more time and money than curing an actual breakdown. What is the best fuel injector cleaner? It is a product you can apply every 5,000 or 7,000 miles and will keep your engine purring like a cat.

Liqui Moly Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner
  • The only real downside with the Liqui-Moly Jectron is that it really works best on a low fuel tank. This concentrates the cleaning solution and is easily burned. Also buyers need to watch out with what type of engine they have. Unlike other fuel injector cleaners that can be applied to both diesel and petrol engines, the Liqui-Moly Jectron is specifically for gasoline dependent automobiles. I drive an Unleaded Ford so I have no problem with thus product. However, for diesel vehicles, Liqui-Moly has a counterpart to serve your engine’s needs.

In short, what is the best fuel injector cleaner I recommend?

For me it’s no-frills product that does its job at a very affordable price. And I found all that for my vehicle with the Jectron.


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