How to Set Up a Stop Block for Your Miter Saw


In case of making numbers of similar cuts using a miter saw, you need to take some additional precautions. There are two reasons why you require taking such cautions. One it can bleed your finger and another is it can make the finished cuts distinctive from each other. Therefore we always suggest setting a block before start working.


Those blocks can be referred as fence too. Any types of fence are good, though use of wooden fence is the best thing what you can do.  It can hold the cutting things to a certain extent and can enable a user further flexibility.

Things it required:

Setting up a block which would act as fence is quite easy. What you require are as follows

  1. Miter saw
  2. Miter saw table
  3. Two 3 inch screws
  4. A hand hammer (optional)

Unless you some fences as blocks while using miter saws to cut or to chop things to your desired pieces, you would not ensure the result that you are getting fine cuts through edges.

Using a block, more precisely a wooden block can make the overall work a lot faster and thus you can save a lot of time. If you are professional, you are ought to take such blocking aid, as you are always in some sort of rush. To know more under this niche, different handyman can guide you, the best way to learn more about it is, self-educating.


This is how you can make a block:

  1. Firstly you need to take a look at your subject matter, therefore the thing what you are intended to cut.
  2. After that it’s time to take measurement!
  3. Collect a similar shaped, but small in size wooden piece to fix in front of the blade over the miter saw table
  4. Keep in mind, the miter saw table need to be good, otherwise injecting screws into it might cause it harm and eventually can cost you additional money to spend on making a new miter saw table.
  5. At this point you require using the hand hammer to push in the 3 inch screws into the center edge of miter saw table, so it cannot slip or move around.
  6. You already have your fence, so start working.
  7. Use at least 3 screws to push into the miter saw table to fix the block perfectly, so you wouldn’t need to fix it an hour later.

Let we get into a real life scenario. Say as you require cutting woods to make four same size pieces and you are not using any fence. It might happen, when pushing to execute a cut; the overall thing would slip across. This can hurt you creating bleeding and also has the chance of ruining the pieces. Even if it wouldn’t happen, there is ample change to happen that over and over, and thus you would require a lot more time to finish a particular cutting task. Regarding all these mentioned aspects, it should be clear to you now that using a block while cutting by miter saw is vital.

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