How to test water quality?


Water being the important part of our daily need, should be clean and pure without having any chemical residues. We all need pure water to drink, and for this we try different tactics to acquire the best result. But sometimes we feel disappointed with our choices and want to correct them.


People try different procedures to get clean water like, reverse osmosis system, water filter, distilled water, etc. The common concern about getting a correct purifier, we need to test the quality of the water so that we can find the best system to meet our daily needs.

Every person gets different quality of water; few gets a very low or inferior quality of water and they should use a heavy filter that has the capacity to remove more than usual contaminants, while others get normal quality of water. Few people are quite lucky who get a fine quality of water. The choice of water purifier depends on the quality of water.

Either you get good or bad quality of water, I believe everyone should install a purifier that fits their requirements as tap water contains harmful chemicals that are not good for human health.

Now the question that may come in your mind is that how to test the quality of water. Right? You can do three different tactics to evaluate the quality of water.

First Process

You test the quality of water yourself by the following steps

  • Take a transparent glass so that you can clearly see the water.
  • Pour the water in it and see it in a light or sunlight. This is the best thing to see the contaminants.
  • If you don’t see clear water, then it’s not pure. It may contain impurities. Sometimes you can see the impure particles at the bottom of your glass.
  • Check the smell of water. If its smell unpleasant like nail polish remover? If yes, then it must contain chlorine or sulfur.
  • You can buy a kit to test the quality of water. It has strips that can be dipped in a glass of water to check the quality of water. Later, you can match it with the result given in the kit to check the level of impurity.

Second Process

It is the responsibility of water board to provide you with quality water, thus they check the quality of water regularly. If you feel that suddenly you are getting more impure water, then you can call them to sort out your problem.


Third Process

There are several laboratories that test the quality of water. If you are not satisfied by above two processes and want to buy a suitable water purifier, then this option is nice for you. Take a sample of water to the laboratory and then wait for the report. Usually they don’t take too much of your time.

After checking the quality of the water, you can easily select the best water filter that suits your quality of water and provide pure water to you.

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