How to install a hidden gun safe


Having guns in your home is a necessity for home protection. Securing your guns is also the responsibly of every gun owner. Another key for the responsible gun owner is concealing weapons for added security and prevention of theft. The majority of the guns used to commit crimes are stolen guns, so preventing gun theft will prevent other crimes from being committed with the stolen guns. The most secure way to hide your guns is with a hidden gun safe. There are many factors when looking into how to install a hidden gun safe such as location, camouflage and accessibility.

Location, Location, Location

The famous saying about real estate can also apply to installing a hidden gun safe. Depending on your set up, there are many considerations to determine your best location. If your walls are thin concealing a gun safe in them won’t work as well. The problem of thin wall can be fixed by adding a false wall in front of the wall. This is ideal for the installing a gun safe into the back of a closet where it would not be noticeable that the back wall is closer than it was previously.

The same concept holds true for floors, if the floor drops into a non-usable crawl space it would be easier to put your hidden gun safe into the floor than if you are above a basement or a concrete slab. Knowing your supporting structures is important if you plan to mount the hidden safe, so that it will not fall down. Scouting your home for the best location takes time, measurements and effort. By knowing the amount of space you will need and also planning for the future you should be able to find and ideal hidden location to put in the safe.



Once you have found the best location, installing a hidden gun safe is pointless if the safe is not hidden. The purpose of camouflage is to blend in with the surrounding so as not to look out of place. This is true with the gun safe as well. If the location of the save is obvious then it is not hidden well enough. Going beyond only adding a false wall or covering up the safe, guns can be stored in broad day light if they look like they fit in. Ideas such as converting the bottom drawer of a dresser into a secure hidden gun safe while maintaining the outside appearance of the dresser drawer will cause it to be overlooked. This can be done with many types of the furniture or appliances. The art for covering the safe with a picture or carpeting will make it not stand out as a gun safe.


Even with the best location and camouflage the gun safe is useless if you cannot get to it quick and easily. In the event of an emergency the time you have to access the gun literally can be the difference between life and death. If you have to take apart the wall to get the safe your safe is not in the right place. Using techniques like hinges and pop opens to make the safe easy to access but still concealed will save precious time.

Hidden gun safes can be installed anywhere but by definition they have to be safe and they have to be hidden. Being vigilant about where they are so no one can find the safe is important. The safe needs to be hidden not only from potential thieves but also any children that may be in your home. By locating the ideal place to put the gun safe whether by false opening or walls you can use tricks that magicians have been doing for centuries. The location must also be camouflaged to trick the eye to scan past it when casing the room. If the gun safe looks like something else that belongs in the room the eye will pass it by. After doing this the guns must still be assessable so that they can be used for protection in the event of an emergency. These steps will know how to install a hidden gun safe in your home that will be effective and useful to protect your property and you family.

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