Is it OK to drink distilled water?


There are gazillions of people who keep looking for various methods to get pure water. It is a good sign which signifies that people are getting awareness about what is safe and unsafe for them.


Today, in this world where different diseases get invented after an interval of about 1 year, it has become an indispensable to take care of our health. Water being the basic need of our body, should be pure and clean.

In order to gain more information on this topic people ask several questions from time to time. From various methods of purifying water, distillation is the only process that’s been doubted by people.

Is it OK to drink distilled water? This is a question that keeps circulating and people are keen to know this. For answering this question, I need to clarify a few things that are the basis of this process.


Distilled water pass through a process called distillation. To make it clear, I would like to give a brief definition of distillation. It is a process of purifying water by heating.

What actually happens?

When water passes through distillation process, many chemical evaporates by boiling. Every chemical has its own boiling point and when water reach to that particular point, the chemical removed, the process continues to remove all impure contents. At the end, you will only get pure and clean water. If you check the purity of water with distilled water, then you can see the difference.


Now coming back to the question, which says is it OK to drink distilled water? This is a controversial topic and many experts are in the favor and others are in against. There is a fact that distilled water has some benefits and also few drawbacks. Let first clear the confusion

YES, one can drink the distilled water…

When water passes through distillation, it removes all the impure contents including the minerals that are good for human health. Such good minerals include sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, human body needs all these minerals.


If you ever drink distilled water, then you must be aware that it is tasteless. There are many people who drink distilled water just because they like the taste, but there are more than many people who just don’t like the taste. One can drink it just to eschew harmful chemicals as it is better than tap water. We all know that tap water contains dangerous contaminants that one can ever imagine.

The other possible reason to drink distilled water is to eradicate harmful substances that people are having in their body. It is completely fine if the water used in the distillation is drinking water.


As I mentioned above that it has no minerals that the human body needs. If you distill dirty water like lake or well water, then it will never get cleaned by distillation and few impure contents left in the water and make it undrinkable. In some cases it is proved that it doesn’t keep you hydrated.

I have mentioned its positive and negative points. One can drink distilled water, but the disadvantages cannot be neglected.

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