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Your fuel systems have been in danger 


Circumstances like bad fuel, long time usage and even external factors like water can cause damage to the fuel system of any vehicle. Wear and tear over years of driving also leads to sediment and dirt build-up in fuel injectors therefore producing an inefficient burn. Neglecting this problem could result in further deterioration of the engine’s quality and can even amount to thousands of dollars in repairs alone. By addressing the any complications early on, you can avoid adverse effects such as engine knocking, rough idling and dirty emissions. Loss in mileage and inefficient fuel consumption are also commonplace dilemmas with clogged injector nozzles.


Introduction to Lucas Injector Cleaner

Lucas BRAND has been preferred for both gasoline and diesel engine

Heavy machinery and large vehicles will need some form of maintenance over time. Most of these have engines and do not go well with ethanol. Unfortunately, most fuels are rich in ethanol to make up for its poor quality. Diesel vehicle owners will advise you to use a fuel injection cleaner that is compatible with these particular fuels. The Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment is one such product that has been utilized by both petrol and diesel vehicle owners for decades. Lucas injector cleaner reviews from long time users elaborate on the beneficial results of the additive.


Low grade and low octane gasoline produces carbon build up resulting in power loss and rough runs. With such costly repairs that reach up to thousands of dollars and more than half a day’s waiting period, the only real cure is prevention. By adding a small amount at every fueling combined with the highest octane gasoline, your car’s performance is no longer compromised by a faulty fuel injection system. After checking out various Lucas injector cleaner reviews, the Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment seems to work best with Lucas Oil 10002 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer.

The super combination of both products not only cleanses out existing grime, but also protects and elongates engine life.

Lucas Oil 10013

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Perfect “couple products” for your engine maintenance

Truck drivers have been using both the Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment and the Lucas Oil 10002 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for decades because of its effectiveness. Users recommend two gallons of Lucas Oil 10002 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizermixed with eight parts oil for a fresh oil change. But also as suggested in Lucas injector cleaner reviews, using both products hand in hand is very beneficial to your engine. Pristine condition fuel injectors and increased oil pressure prolongs oil life surprisingly up to 50%. Users are also quick to establish a noticeable boost in power and miles per gallon with the employment of the two additives.

Lucas Oil 10002

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What loyalists are stating in Lucas injector cleaner reviews is that the product duo also prolongs the need for oil change. For example, an owner with a diesel-dependent truck may need an oil change at every 10,000 mile interval. However, using both Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment and the Lucas Oil 10002 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer stretches this 10k mile interval.

I’ve been reading more Lucas injector cleaner reviews and realized the advantages of using the Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment and the Lucas Oil 10002 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer. While the former cleans the fuel system from any carbon build-up, the latter is a very unique product that complements the cleaning additive. The Lucas Oil 10002 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer thickens the oil and adds to its viscosity. Therefore, the vehicle’s consumption of oil is significantly reduced. Any rattling noises in the engine and blow-by may also be remedied by this type of product.


According to many Lucas injector cleaner reviews, both the Lucas Oil 10013-PK4 Fuel Treatment and the Lucas Oil 10002 Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer provide great value for your money. Buying wholesale in the forms of single gallon containers is one way of saving cash on these additives. Of course, before purchasing any product whether under the Lucas brand or not, do try out a small amount on your vehicle first. Some additives are best compatible with certain fuels or can fix particular problems. However, every automobile owner will attest that maintenance is the key to prevention. Further analysis has led me to believe somewhat in the ability of Lucas products and try it out for myself on my own car. If truck drivers and car owners have used it for decades, it should be as effective as they say it is.

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