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Whether for a quick fix to a flat tire or to aid in re-modelling one’s home, a smaller sized air compressor is a vital companion of every DIY aficionado and self-professed handy man. And when looking for the best air compressor for the money, it is necessary to compare your options based on purpose, benefits and price of the model. Below are two models juxtaposed based on their features, pros and cons to help you come to a sound decision.

Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak, 1/2 hp running 1-Gallon Compressor



  • Tank with air capacity of 1 gallon
  • Oil-less motor
  • Has a horse power up to 1 HP peak and 0.5 HP running
  • Includes a quick disconnect coupler and various pressure gauges
  • Weighs only 20 lbs.
  • Reaches a maximum pressure 125 psi


  • Easily transportable

At only 20 lbs. and a dimension of 14 by 13 by 10 inches, the Senco PC1010 can be brought from one job to another. One of the best air compressor for the money, the model’s portability is convenient when moving from site to site. It has no problem with storage and takes up very little space.

  • Perfect for small to medium jobs

The Senco PC1010 is compatible on a variety of pneumatic tools. The model is best used for minor carpentry and repairs including trimming and framing. The Senco PC1010 is known to deliver 20 to 44 drives per minute.

  • No mess to worry about

One of the perks of an oil-less motor in the best air compressor for the money is a cleaner work station. The Senco PC1010 also includes a lube-free pump that eliminates the hassles of disposing any unwanted residue.

  • Strong and durable

According to reviews, the Senco PC1010 works flawlessly even after a year of moderate to heavy use. Its built-in aluminum cylinder assures the compressor’s durability despite its oil-less motor.

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  • Surprisingly quiet

The Senco PC1010 is definitely best for indoor use. Extremely quiet even when working, the air compressor model has an estimated maximum of just 83 decibels right at the motor.



  • Limited to a number of tools

Well, with just a 1 gallon tank and 0.5 running HP, don’t expect too much from this small machine. Although versatile with smaller tools, the Senco PC1010 is not compatible with heavy duty nail guns and spray guns. Also, the jobs that this compressor can take on are limited to minor repairs and DIY projects.

  • Takes time to recover

The Senco PC1010 is best used for trimming and a bit of nailing. However, it is not for the impatient. It recovers after every cycle for about 42 seconds or after 10 to 15 nails to ensure the completion of a job.

Makita MAC700 Big Bore 2.0 HP Air Compressor


  • Fitted with a 2.6 gallon air tank with an operating pressure of 130 psi
  • Includes a cast iron pump with a big bore cylinder and piston
  • Oil injection system
  • Low amp draw
  • Powered by a 2.0 HP motor
  • Approximately 59.6 lbs.



  • More durable than oil-less machines

The Makita MAC700 utilizes an oil-lubricated pump which lessens the wear of the machine thus elongating its life. The lubrication also tends to inhibit the pump and motor from getting too hot during operation.

  • Efficient and reliable

The Makita MAC700 is the best air compressor for the money because of its relatively larger bore cylinder which allows for greater air pressure and quicker recovery time. Compatible with a range of pneumatic tools, the model can is best for remodeling, repairs, trimming, nailing and the like. Its low amp draw on the other hand, decreases the risk of tripped breakers and voltage drop which can result in malfunctions in the motor.

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  • Very quiet for an oil injection type unit

Although larger and heavier than most portable models, the Makita MAC700 is surprisingly quiet for its size and type. It can work on a number of tools including airbrushes and nail guns and will not make minimal noise.


  • Hard to understand manual

This has been the main complaint of the Makita owners. The manual that comes with the machine hardly explains how to assemble the compressor since it comes with certain parts you need to put in place manually. There is also a break in process that is not in the manual, however a quick online search will provide sufficient information for this.

  • Short cycle time

With a 50% cycle time, the Makita MAC700 will need to recharge after a dozen nails or so but can fill up air pressure in about 40 seconds after the end of its cycle. However, its quick recovery time makes up for the short cycle time.


For portability, the Senco PC1010 could be your best air compressor for the money. Weighing just 20 lbs. it won’t have a problem tagging along in your vehicle and being dragged around your workplace. However, for heavy duty work, the Makita MAC700 seems to fill in the gaps. Although being relatively silent work horses, the choice of purchase boils down ultimately to your purpose and preference (oil-less or oil-lubricated). Finally, I also recommend you to check another relevant article about “best air compressor for home use“, hope that you can find your favorite air compressors for your house.

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