What to look for when buying a central pneumatic air compressor


Central pneumatic air compressors represent heavy duty machines that are mostly used by business which are constantly in need for compressed air used to power a wide variety of air tools, but also to do a couple of more things, some of which will be outlined in this article.

It has always been said that buying a compressor like this can be quite a hard experience, especially if the customers do not really know a lot about the products in question. Additionally, there are quite a large number of models available on the market right now, so it is important to know what to look for when it comes down to buying a central pneumatic air compressor.

Powerful motor

The motors of most compressors of this calibre are quite powerful, so buying one that fits the need of power is an essential thing to look for. With this in mind, it is recommended that pneumatic air compressors have heavy-duty motors of around 2.5 CP or so.look-buying-central-pneumatic-air-compressor-1

Precision and lifespan

These two are other important features to look for when it comes down to buying a central pneumatic air compressor, mainly due to the fact that the device which is chosen should have an oil lubricated compressor motor together with a precision machined cast-iron sleeve to ensure accuracy and a great experience overall.

Thermal protection

Thermal protection is yet another important factor that needs to be kept in mind, mainly due to the fact that there are times when air compressors get too hot. In the case that no thermal protection is applied to the engine and other electric parts, then chances are that the device will overheat, thus making it unusable.

Oil indicator window

While this is not such a necessity, it still represents a big plus, as it makes it easier for users to go ahead and check the oil level in the compressor quickly, instead of having to go ahead and open the compressor up which can be considered a bad experience from all the points of view.


While many central pneumatic air compressors are not portable, it is important to look for a couple of features when it comes down to buying a device which is indeed portable, such as 4-8 wheels, and great handles in order to ensure ergonomics and the fact that it is easy for users to carry it around, if needed.look-buying-central-pneumatic-air-compressor-2


Needless to say, there are times when even the best air compressors break, or when they are not maintained well and parts become faulty. If this is the case, having a valid warranty can make things much better, as taking an air compressor to the service is definitely a better experience then spending a lot of precious time shopping around and trying to learn how to service and fix faulty parts.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, these should be some of the main things that customers should look for when they would like to purchase an air compressor. Following the tips above will make sure that the air compressor that has been bought will represent a better choice than other on the market.

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