How To Make Vegan Ice Cream With Donvier Ice Cream Maker


If you’ve got a Donvier ice cream maker, and you’re not the traditional omnivore but prefer plant-based treats – or if you’ve got vegan friends coming over and you’re looking to surprise them with non-dairy ice cream, then learning the basics of making a great batch of vegan ice cream with your Donvier ice cream maker can be pretty essential!

I’m not much of a vegan, myself; but this recipe is just too easy and delicious to pass up; plus, it’s surprisingly light on the pocket! Here’s what you need:

  1. Coconut milk!

Like regular ice cream, plant-based ice cream requires a delicious, creamy base – only, well, made from plants. The only easily-available product that emulates what we need is coconut milk – and surprisingly, it’s an amazing alternative. The taste alone is enough for me to make vegan ice cream not just for the novelty of not using dairy or eggs, but for actual flavor.


In regular ice cream, the fat of the cream and milk is mixed with a natural emulsifier and thickener – egg yolk – but when you’re trying to avoid both eggs and milk, you have to turn to another kind of thickening, binding agent – this being starch. Cornstarch works best, but whatever your alternative is, so long as it emulates the effect, should be fine.

  1. A sweetener of your choice!

Vegans are split between two groups when it comes to sweets – there are those who consider honey vegan, and those who consider it an animal product, and therefore not vegan. Depending on which version is coming along to taste your creation, you may want to substitute honey with brown sugar – go for the dark, flavorful turbinado kind – or agave syrup, which can be significantly more expensive depending on where you live.

Honey, however, is my sweetener of choice particularly because I love the combination of milk and honey – coconut milk included. If honey-loving vegans are to be believed, then you’d also find out that it happens to be very healthy!


  1. And that’s a wrap.

That’s… really all you need, actually. Vegan ice cream generally consists of some coconut milk, starch and sweetener of choice – and that’s your base. Obviously, you may want to expand the flavor a bit if you’re looking for more than just plain ol’ coconut – cook up and reduce some vanilla pods for vanilla-coconut ice cream, or make some caramel and mix it into the base before sticking the whole thing in your Donvier ice cream maker, or melt yourself a bunch of 70% cacao dark chocolate with a wallop of thick coconut cream and use that.

Coconut, thankfully, goes well with a ridiculous array of flavors, so you’ll never really have to worry about running out of combinations – although if you do get tired of the coconutty taste, and would like another plant-based option, then investing in a food processor and mashing up some frozen bananas or chilling some avocado will produce an ice cream-esque frozen mousse, perfect as an alternative treat.

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