How to master a miter saw ?


At first sight, it seems that it is easy to use the miter saw. Instead of using the miter saw to get rid of work quick you need to master it and you should know how to use it. In case, you are a beginner and this is the fist time you use a saw . You can find more informations about features of saw here before using it.

Tips and tricks to master the miter saw

You can get to know about the tricks for mastering the miter saw machine by reading the list mentioned below:

  • Drive the fence back

master-miter-saw-1You can cut straight pieces of wood easily with the help of the electronic saw. The wooden pieces which are bent are not easy to cut. For these types of wooden pieces, you can extend the fence a bit more in backward direction which will easily cut the bent pieces.

  • The blade

Every miter saw machine is equipped with a blade which is the best practice. You can replace the standard steel blade with the carbide tip blade for increasing the efficiency in cutting.

  • Working with thinner stocks

master-miter-saw-2You can use the miter box for this purpose and mount the clamp over the box which will hold the short pieces. Attach the box to the saw and fasten it so that it becomes firm. You can cut off easily short pieces of wood easily by the attachment of box.

  • Portability

You can carry this machine easily by turning the turntable of the saw in any direction. This will make the saw compact and you can carry it easily.

  • Adjust the block with the bevel angles

master-miter-saw-3By adjusting the angles of the bevel with the block, you can easily set up the blocks. You can easily cut the flat surfaces like this.

  • Throat plate adjustment

master-miter-saw-4Most of the time the throat blades are below the table. You must adjust the plate by leveling it with the table for minimizing the tearing out and preventing it from bending while cutting.

  • Utilize the clamps

The hold-down clamps are used for holding the work firmly and the cutting accuracy is increased this way.

  • Dowel cutting

master-miter-saw-5The dowels can be cut easily with the help of the v-block. It’s a handy procedure. This method helps to prevent waste coming back at you. Lift the blade in V shape for getting rid of such situations.

  • Wait for the machine to stop

Most of the time, if the machine does not stop, you can experience small cuts. Wait for the blade to stop and never lift the machine and leave the trigger when you are done with the job.

  • Increase the working capacity

master-miter-saw-6You can increase the working capacity of the machine by lifting the board over the platform as this increases the crosscutting capacity of the miter saw machine. You can do this for any kind of wood work project.

  • Raise the accuracy

master-miter-saw-7If you attach a sub-fence with the machine, this will improve the accurateness.

  • Stops in the machine

There are positive stops already present in the mechanism of the miter saw blade but for precision in cutting you can go for the economical stops too. This increases the accuracy in cutting of wooden pieces.

  • Check your miter saw

You must check that is your miter saw square? It’s a good thing to check it and adjust it according to your requirements.

These are some valuable tips to use the miter saw machine here and here and you can utilize these techniques while you work on any kind of wood work project .

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