Methods to make best use of your miter saw


There are some best tips and tricks which can be used for making the best use of the miter saw. Some of the methods are listed below which you can practice to get the best out of this machine.

  • Replace the blade

methods-to-make-best-use-of-your-miter-saw-1Usually, the miter saw machines are equipped with the standard blade which can be used for typical cutting procedures. When it comes to cutting the hardwood, you will require some special improvements in your machine. You can replace the standard blade with the carbide tip blade. This blade is more efficient for cutting hard pieces of wood. The cutting capacity of the machine is also increased by installing the carbide blade onto your machine. You can also use the 80 tooth blade or a 100 tooth blade for increasing the performance of the machine.

  • Backing-up the cuts

methods-to-make-best-use-of-your-miter-saw-2Most of the miter saws are equipped with throat plates and they do not help in close supports. These machines have thin plastic inserts which do not help in making inserts in the MDF or plywood pieces. For this purpose, you can install a fence for support which will help to prevent the tearing off when the cuts are made with the blade. You can also adjust the settings for making different kinds of cuts. If you are facing trouble with the table and the supplementary fence support, immediately replace it. This is a best remedy for improving the cutting efficiency of the machine.

  • Wait for the blade to stop


When you have done your cutting, wait for the blade to stop before you lift the machine.

If you do not do this you will end up with some disastrous incident. So always wait for the machine to stop.

  • Extend the backing-up support

methods-to-make-best-use-of-your-miter-saw-4The miter saw machines are equipped with tables which comprise of extensions which help to extend the stock support. Supports are required for the prevention of boards from tilting and falling off the table. For this, you can add blocks of scrap-wood which are according to the height of the table. Place these blocks on the ends on the board for the support.
There are some other options too. You can also get a bench for this purpose. You can also get extra extensions for working with the tricky wooden pieces. You can get a custom-made bench or you can place blocks of wood under the table of the miter saw which will help in supporting the machine. You can also go for commercial systems for this reason.

  • Prevent on cuts


When you are working with the hardwoods, most of the time the miter saw machines bend while making cuts. You can prevent this from happening. You can make cuts in two simple steps. First of all, for the first cut you have to cut a 1/16 inches on the line of waste of the wood piece and cut the line. Now, cut the wood piece half wide and this will prevent the machine from bending while cutting.

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