Picking the right portable air compressor

Air compressors have been around for quite a long time and they definitely represent a great household tool, mainly because of the fact that they have a ton of uses that can benefit just about anyone. Before anything else, it is worth mentioning that the best household compressors are usually the portable ones, which can be used to do things such as inflating tires, toys or even packing up enough pressure to operate a couple of air tools.

As there are quite a number of different models of portable air compressors out there, here are some tips which should be kept in mind when it comes down to buying one.


As stated earlier, due to the fact that these devices have quite large number of uses, anyone interested in buying one should first think about what it will be used for.

  • Inflating tires

Leaving aside that a car needs inflated tires to work well, they also play an important role when it comes down to reducing the fuel consumption. With this in mind, inflators are great air compressors which are portable, ease to use and inexpensive.

  • Running low power air tools

In the case that someone may be interested in running air tools which are in need of a low-medium amount of power, than Pancake and Hot Dog air compressors can get the job done with air tools such as staplers or air brushes. These compressors are a tad bigger, but they can still be easily carried around.

  • Construction and running powerful air tools

Portable air compressors such as the Single-Stage or Twin-Stack are found in homes from all around the world, but they are mostly suited to those who run air tools frequently or those who like taking construction projects at home. With this in mind, the compressors are bigger, have stronger engines and better pumps, while also being more expensive when compared to the models mentioned earlier


Perhaps the second most important fact that should be kept in mind rather than what a compressor will be used for is its price. While the pricing of one is most likely to be directly linked to the actual power of the compressor, no one should buy a compressor which is too expensive if there isn’t a continuous use for it.

In the case that a person needs to do some building or run air tools once, he/she will most probably be better off by renting a portable air compressor, rather than buying one in the first place, as buying an expensive product is only worth it in the case that users will need to use them at least a couple of times a month. However, cheap and weaker compressors are useful for just about anyone.

Based on everything that has been mentioned so far, it is worth pointing out that buying the right air compressor can only be done in the case that these tips are followed. By understanding the uses and the pricing, not only will a customer purchase a good compressor, but he/she will also know more about how and when it should be used in order to avoid encountering any trouble.

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