Portable Air Compressors: Making Camping Easy


Camping life could be tough, but nothing beats the joy of seeing the natural view, outdoors and appreciating what nature has to offer. We are often busy and tired from work, and we go camping to unwind.

However, although camping may take us closer to nature and give us a relaxing atmosphere, it also could be a hassle. Camping requires setting up a tent, sleeping on sleeping bags that fall short of our bed’s comfort, or inflating an air mattress. Camping would also require being relatively far away from high rise buildings, electricity, and major establishments. In case of flat tires and other last-minute glitches, the next gasoline station may be miles away.


Thus, there are tools that always come in handy for the outdoorsy people. One of the most multi-purpose ones is the portable air compressor. It could serve as an inflator for air mattresses, flat tires, or even boats and lifesavers for aquatic environments, and save all the time and effort that we usually spend in inflating these. Portable air compressors have a lot of use, even at home, but the most practical of all is its use for outdoor activities.

Camping life with an air compressor is really a game changer. It allows people to spend more time for leisure, eating, and cooking, rather than horrendous hours for some painstaking tasks.

Air compressors could be big and heavy duty and thus, stationary. While others are portable and relatively lighter for people on-the-go. Portable air compressors could have a pancake or hotdog style. It isn’t just the design and weight that makes the difference, but also its functionality.

Pancake Compressors

Pancake compressors are light and oil-free. They are easy to maintain but may have less capacity to power heavy tasks. They are however sufficient for small-medium repairs and inflation.

PORTER-CABLE C2002 Pancake Compressor with 13-Piece Accessory Kit

This portable pancake air compressor weighs about 15kilograms has a 6 gallon tank packed in an oil-free pancake-style compressor. As described, it comes with a bunch of useful accessories including a 25ft nylon hose, Teflon tape, tire chuck tire gauge, quick coupler, plugs, a blow gun, and attachments. This portable air compressor is worth every dime, as it could be used for a variety of domestic and outdoor purposes. It is important to note however, that this pancake compressor could be on the noisy side.

Hotdog Compressors


Are more powerful but a bit heavier than pancake compressors. It is thus imperative to check if the model that you are opting to buy has a handle, as it may be painstaking to carry it around with the added weight. If noise matters, it may be important to know that hotdog compressors are known for their whisper quiet operation.

Makita 2.0 HP Air Compressor (MAC700)

This is still considered portable at about 25 kilograms. It is known for its quiet mechanism and ability to maintain a cool temperature over longer periods of time.

There are many more air compressors that are considered “portable” despite weighing up to 100lbs or more, all because they may have a handle that makes moving possible. However, for camping and other outdoor activities, weight is an important consideration. These are enough for the light work but may not be sufficient for other types of heavy workload.

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