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I’m not a chef or anything, but let me tell you: I’ve been cooking, baking and making food for my family for ages – and there’s nothing that goes down quite like ice cream. I swear, the stuff disappears faster than a fart in a fan factory. So, logically, on a quest to be the ultimate home dad, an ice cream maker is at the top of my list – and this is a guide I’ve written up for anyone else in the market for the best ice cream maker – because trust me, there is a lot to choose from out there.

The Beginner’s Guide To Different Types of Ice Cream Makers

If you’ve never before looked past the facade into how ice cream is made, your first venture into the world of ice cream makers will seem very strange. If you’re out to get yourself the best ice cream maker on the market, it’s important to first understand what the differences are between available ice cream makers, how the function, and why they might or might not be the maker for you. Trust me, knowing this help you a LOT.



Although we live in a world of electric appliances, going for the good old fashioned ice cream crank is a good way to enjoy some family fun. They’re pretty simple – you have a wooden bucket with a small inner bowl for ice cream, and a larger, outer bowl for ice and rock salt – and a manually-turned paddle that stirs the cream. The salt is to lower the freezing point of ice, which in turn causes a thermal reaction that sucks heat out of the cream – making it cold. Churn consistently ever ten minutes or so for a few hours, sometimes more, and then you’re all set to remove the top and enjoy ice cream the way it used to be made. Needless to say, however, you’re not going to find many ice cream maker reviews on this, as there isn’t much to it.



Today, however, your best bet is to get an electric ice cream maker. When you’re looking for the best ice cream maker, this is essentially where to look. There’s several different types, but they all work in a similar way – they churn the cream for you without you having to do a single thing by push a button. The only difference between them is how the cream is turned into ice cream.

  • Pre-freeze Bowls

  • Freezer-unit Ice Cream Maker

  • Electric Freezer Ice Cream Maker

These are really common as ice cream reviews will show you, and tend to be the most affordable way. The way they work is that they contain a double-wall filled with some kind of coolant liquid, which has to be frozen for a good amount of time before being used – something around half a day, to a full 24 hours.


Then, you put your cream in the bowl, and stick the bowl into the machine. The cooling liquid thaws, and the cream turns to ice cream. Simple. The biggest issue, I find, is that sometimes the liquid doesn’t freeze evenly, and depending on your freezer, you’ll have ice crystals forming in the bowl as well.

Advantages Of Using Ice Cream Makers

1. Making ice cream is hard – really hard, when you’re trying to do it manually. Imagine pouring your mixture into a bowl, putting it into the freezer, and continually stirring and checking up on the cream to make sure not a single unnecessary ice crystal or air pocket has formed. It takes time, patience, energy, and in the end, you’re probably not going to end up with what you wanted. If you get yourself the best ice cream maker for you, on the other hand, and also turn out to be a bit of an ice cream junkie, it’ll quickly become your greatest friend in the kitchen.

2. Although this depends from maker to maker, the majority of the time you’ll end up doing much less, if any work by sticking to an ice cream maker than a manual procedure, experiments, or using a food processor. After all, that’s what machines are for, and on my quest for the best ice cream maker, convenience was a big part of the picture.

3. Seriously quick. With the exception of the in-freezer units that just churn, most ice cream makers actually don’t take very long to turn your cream into ice cream – because they’re not just cooling your cream, they’re sucking the heat out of it. That makes the wait so much faster, and saves you a lot of time. When looking for the best ice cream maker, keep an eye on how long the maker takes.

4. It just tastes better. It really does. Ask anybody – if you lay down the bucks for an electric freezer unit, at times you can get a unit that makes restaurant-grade ice cream – and I’m talking good old-fashioned Italian gelato joint-style ice cream. You can’t get that done quite as easily or quickly without a good ice cream maker – and the best ice cream maker is obviously going to make even better tasting ice cream.

5. It’ll pay off. It seriously will. Not just am I hailed the best dad for getting the best ice cream maker, but you’ll be amazed how much good food brings good mood.


Below, I’ve listed my 4 best ice cream makers so far. I’ve gone through the ice cream maker reviews, used the products, and tasted the ice cream. Check ‘em out to get a good, comprehensive idea of what some of the best stuff out there is like –these ice cream maker reviews will help a lot when you’re making your final choice on the best ice cream maker, trust me.

Due to the fact that product price may vary significantly day by day, I tried to estimate the relative product price following this rule:

  • Below $100: $

  • From $100 to $200: $$

  • From $200 to $300: $$$

  • Over $300: $$$$





My 4 Best Ice Cream Maker Recommendations

These are the 4 I’ve had good luck with, and they’re some of the most popular online. If you’re looking for the best ice cream maker, ultimately, you’ll come across these and be definitely tempted.


First up on my list is the Cuisinart ICE-30BC. It’s a pretty big hit online, and I have to say that I was quite pleased with it. It is NOT the most costly ice cream makers – and obviously, when you’re making ice cream, it’s best not to cheap out. 

The thing is heavy, it’s squared, and it’s got a nice, sleek exterior – it’s a great combination, making it both pretty and easy to keep around in the kitchen. I don’t like complicated appliances, mostly because they take up a lot of space and are unnecessarily unwieldy, so this was right up my alley.

The thing is heavy, it’s squared, and it’s got a nice, sleek exterior – it’s a great combination, making it both pretty and easy to keep around in the kitchen. I don’t like complicated appliances, mostly because they take up a lot of space and are unnecessarily unwieldy, so this was right up my alley.

Another thing I like about the ICE-30BC is the fact that it lasts for a while. But, from my experience, it isn’t dishwasher safe. Most of the components are plastic, with an acrylic finish, so they scratch easily when you’re handwashing them – be careful about that, because I got mine scratched up over time from being a bit too vigorous with my scrubbing. Bad habit! Its bowl requires freezing, as well. Keeping it in the freezer for half a day will do the trick.

Online, in one of the ice cream maker reviews I found, the reviewer had an issue with the maker’s cooling, but Cuisinart replaced it within a short period of time. The maker has a year warranty on it, although I’ve never had to use it. If you’re new to ice cream makers, however, be aware of the fact that quite a few of them can be noisy and vibrate a little – this one is no exception. Still, this is definitely a candidate of the best ice cream maker around.


With an over $$ price tag, this thing is a serious investment – but at the same time, you pay for what you get. Firstly, you don’t have to chill the bowl when you’re making ice cream with this machine, which is a plus because there are times when I’ve wanted to just spontaneously make some, but realized that I’d have to wait until either the evening, or the next day. 

Like its younger brother, the ICE-100 is squarish and sturdy – and I personally like the fact that it’s quite low-set in its design, giving it even more stability. That, however, also owes to the fact that it’s a big, big machine, and it weighs a good 26 pounds. You can switch between both a gelato paddle, or just a regular ice cream paddle – the difference is the amount of air getting in. My family and I like our gelato more than we do our regular ice cream, but the freedom to choose is appreciated.

The rod keeping the paddle and the cover together is a bit weak, though, and there have been times where I was afraid the paddle would break off. The motor arm is also a bit of a pain – after using it for a while, it began to struggle whenever the ice cream was approaching its final stages – so not necessarily the best ice cream maker around. Rarely, the thing would even raise off the machine a bit, and stop turning entirely – I placed a heavy cookbook on it to keep it from doing that. Other ice cream maker reviews seemed to highlight the same problem. However, if you’re a big fan of gelato, like us, it’s a big tempation to go for this one.


Next up is the Yonanas maker. This is the one that pretty much had me decide that, maybe using a food processor wasn’t the same thing as using a fruit ice cream maker. It’s surprisingly small, which I like, and the best feature by far is the fact that it’s seductively easy to use. You only need frozen bananas, and another fruit of choice – and that’s it. 

Of course, this also limits your choices. To be fair, I don’t really mind the taste of the banana, since it really doesn’t interfere much with any other choice of fruit – but being limited to mostly berries and mango is a big flipside for a household that enjoys a massive multitude of flavors. I do like the fact that it’s a healthier alternative, however, and if someone out there isn’t on good terms with dairy, then using this maker is definitely a good idea.

It isn’t the sturdiest thing in the world, which some ice cream maker reviews agree on, so don’t expect it to last you forever – however, it does come with a warranty in case it dies much too quickly. Mine, thankfully, lived long enough to let me know that you can make easy ice cream without milk, eggs, or half an hour of time.


While costing a bit more than its ICE-30 cousin, I found the Cuisinart ICE-45 an interesting alternative choice. It isn’t built in the same sturdy looks as its -30 and -100 counterparts, and doesn’t have the same capacity for ice cream – holding only 1 and a half quarts – but one thing this maker does boast is the fact that it makes you good old-fashioned soft serve. 

Soft serve is a bit different than regular ice cream, and very different from gelato. Whereas gelato ice cream would be heavy, smooth, and thick, soft serve is much more airy. As such, it’s a perfect summer treat, and since it’s so light and fluffy, it goes down much quicker than its thick counterparts. A lot of ice cream maker reviews highlighted the fact that it’s half a gimmick, and half a serious maker – but I have to say that it does make pretty good ice cream.

In the end, however, the maker didn’t appeal to my family very much. While it worked like a dream and even came with a cone holder, topping dispensers, 20-minute use time, we’re just not big fans of soft serve. If you’re looking for the best ice cream maker, this isn’t it – if, however, you’re looking to get you the soft serve ice cream you love at home, at absolutely any time, however, then this is probably your best bet.

Steps To Choosing Your Ice Cream Maker

An ice cream maker is a big investment for your family and your kitchen, so making sure you don’t regret your choice takes homework, and time. Do your research, know exactly what you want in your ice cream, and then discuss it with your family and make your choice. However, there are some key things you should always keep in mind before making your purchase.

  • What does your family want? Ice cream makers are not all created equal – some make thicker, richer ice cream, others focus on non-dairy ice cream, and yet others make airy, light ice cream. Before you go out and look at your options, try to get a feel for what your family likes, first – otherwise, you’re bound to make a wasteful decision. 
  • What price are you comfortable with? Setting a budget, as I know, is important. In fact, to most households, it should be the very first thing you do when you’re shopping for appliances. It also helps immensely with narrowing down choices.
  • Do you often make ice cream? You’re not going to want to lay down a few hundred dollars for a machine you’re not going to use all that often – if ice cream is a treat you enjoy even less than once a month, or rarely at all, then it isn’t going to make sense to buy yourself the absolute best ice cream maker – yes, even if its on sale. Trust me, I’ve had these temptations before.
  • Read ice cream maker reviews. People who’ve bought ice cream makers know best – skip the marketing, skip the fluff text, and look for what other users have to say about the product in ice cream maker reviews. Be wary, of course, of people who broke something due to their own misuse, or failed to use the manual and are complaining about a non-issue. Try to be democratic – read the majority of people’s ice cream maker reviews, and then form your own before looking for the best ice cream maker for you.
  • Finally, be a smart user. Read the manual – check out tips and tricks to using an ice maker, and avoid unnecessary mistakes. Otherwise,you’ll end up with wasted ingredients, or worse, a wasted maker. Usually, people will also outline tricks and fixes in their ice cream maker reviews.


I love ice cream as much as the next guy, but my main motivation behind my quest for an ice cream maker was my family. Now, after a long journey, I’ve made my final choice and have been keeping a happy household for a while. If you’ve been reading my ice cream maker reviews, and are looking for an answer to what would be the best ice cream makers, know that that’s something I can’t answer for you. But, I do hope that everything I’ve said so far has brought you a bit closer to a final decision. What’s my final decision, you might ask? I personally recommend the Cuisinart ICE-30BC – it’s sturdy, I’ve had no issues with the motor, a lot of other cuisinart ice cream maker reviews share my sentiment, and although I loved the fact that the ICE-100 didn’t require a frozen bowl and made thicker ice cream, the motor arm simply got too annoying after a while – and the price is quite steep on that one, as well. If you’re looking for a good ice cream maker, then give this one another look – however, keep in mind that in the end, the choice as to what the best ice cream maker for you might be is yours.

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