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After my little 3.5 gallon pancake compressor no longer sufficed for the work I needed it for, I decided to borrow a friend’s 6 gallon PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor. It was a charm to work with compared to my own portable compressor which kept cycling every three nails or so. I wasn’t achieving much results and with the rate I was going, I would never finish any projects. So the C2002 was really a godsend and has fared excellently in many portable air compressor reviews.

Porter Cable C2002-WK Air Compressor

Features of the PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Oil-Free UMC Pancake Compressor

  • Equipped with a 6 Gallon tank
  • Easy to start oil-less motor
  • Has a running horse power of 0.8 HP
  • Delivers air at 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi (3.5 SCFM at 40 psi)
  • Reaches a maximum air pressure of 150 psi and a cut-in pressure of 120 psi
  • Motor with a low amp voltage of only 120 V
  • Weighs about 30 lbs.
  • Includes a 13-piece accessory kit (25 ft. hose, tire gauge, tire chuck, blow gun, nozzles and inflator adapters)
  • Comes with two regulated, factory installed air couplers

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  • Nifty accessories and parts

What I am particularly impressed about the C2002 is the number of accessories that it comes with. Each of the extra parts have been very helpful in either my home improvement projects or just inflating the car and bike tires from time to time. My favorite accessory though is the 25-foot hose that comes with the package. If I want to listen to music while nailing, I extend the hose to the next room so I don’t need to hear the whirring of the air compressor. The nozzles are compatible with a variety of pneumatic tools and the blow gun is perfect for blow cleaning crevices and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Starts at any time under any condition

Although I’ve only tried the C2002 at typical room temperature, my friend along with some information borrowed from portable air compressor reviews attest to the motor’s strength and reliability. Because it is oil-less, it can start in colder environments while its low amp voltage provides a soft start that easily runs on household circuits and even extension cords.

I highly recommend this product for home use
  • Extended running time

This is a big difference from the last compressor I used which had a maximum pressure of just 135 psi. The former compressor had a quick operating cycle that was frustrating for bigger jobs like framing. However, with a maximum pressure of 150 psi, the C2002 takes a while before it restarts its cycle. Just make sure the pressure doesn’t drop below 120 psi. Anything lower and it will shut off automatically if not regulated.

  • Can run multiple tools at once

Although I have only been loyal to my nail gun, the C2002, according to a number of portable air compressor reviews can run two or three tools at once. Its dual air couplers along with its air delivery of 3.5 SCFM are ideal factors for running multiple pneumatic tools.

  • Light weight and easily stored

At just 30 lbs. the C2002 has been a favorite product in portable air compressor reviews throughout the web. And I see why. It is easily transportable from one work site to another. It is portable enough to fit in one’s car and can be stored in the smallest of nooks.

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  • Can be noisy

If you don’t mind still hearing the machine’s noise at 10 feet, then there’s no problem. However, at an estimated 90 decibels, don’t expect to be working during the wee hours of the night lest you want to wake your neighbors. But as I suggested, an extension hose to the next room should help.

  • Must be broken in

Many owners of the C2002 make the mistake of using the machine without being broken in and have paid dearly for it. In portable air compressor reviews, one will find many owners explaining how to break in the device prior to actual use. The manual does not put emphasis on this process, so do take caution.

Who this is best for

The C2002 Porter Cable Pancake Compressor is best for car owners that need a quick inflator for their tires and a blow off tool for crevices. Since it is relatively strong according to portable air compressor reviews, the C2002 is also ideal for small home projects and repairs. DIY aficionados and self-professed handymen will definitely make the most of this device.

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