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Redline Complete SI-1 fuel system cleaner is a notable product of fuel injector cleaners. It has reputation for great improvements in a car and motor engine. Since 1979, the company established the Redline Oil Company with great customers’ reputation and satisfaction.


Redline Oil Company is one of the most well known and fuel additives companies in the oil industry. Even on some reviews it will promote excellent successive marks than the other oil competing brands. Redline SI-1 fuel system cleaner is designed and intended to increase the engine’s power, limits exhausted emissions, improves the lubrication of the whole fuel system and adds fuel mileage.

Redline complete SI-1 fuel system offered the most powerful detergent named Polyether Amine (PEA). The PEA has been proven the most powerful detergent which helps in keeping the fuel injectors clean. This detergent also has been recognized for the quality in preserving the robustness and condition of the engine.

Many drivers delivered good feedback after using the one-treatment of Redline complete SI-1 fuel system. According to those drivers, the fuel system of the cleaner generally protects the span of the engine. Thus, the product got 500 more customer reviews and 4.6 out of 5 stars in an effective review for its basic usage.

– SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner is said to be an efficient treatment solution that cleans our petroleum fuel injectors. Not only that, it is commendably usable in combustion chambers and intake valves.

– With this product alone, it claims to be a complete package, concentrated with a powerful high-temperature detergent. It further undertakes a reputable capability to help economize fuel consumption as it regulates the injector condition.


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There are several companies who stand on the same claims, even with blameworthy complaints from their customer. As a product user, let us determine SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner advantages and the downside of it.

Product Advantages

- The product propensity guarantees that gasoline fuel injectors are unsoiled fast and the same effects happen with intake valves and carburetors. With just a single application, it directly wipes out dirty deposits.

- While it is true that SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner improves the condition of the machine, it also advances clean air regulations. It means that it averts fuel system rust and helps grease valves and upper cylinder.

- Other fuel system cleaners are formulated to work competently with its advance preparation is causing an entirely different problem. With this product, the advanced chemical study, which includes synthetic oils and detergents effectively removes deposits with no other adverse effect. Commonly, the performance rate of this is identically equated to pressurized solvent treatments. However, such unorthodoxy use of solvents is highly not recommendable.

Product Disadvantages

In an explicit scrutiny, there are two things that SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner shortcomings. This high-temperature detergent solution does not work on a diesel engine vehicle. Although, there is another product under the same brand. Justifiably, they should come up with an all-in-one product. This is more economical if you own vehicles running on both unleaded and diesel fuels.

Second, it may be designed to work on motorcycles or other small vehicles, it does not help refurbishing engine performance. Like any other brands, engines will still experience start-up problems and even have power surges when gear shifting. Motorcycles that are not used for a long period may experience ethanol has built up and this fuel system cleaner could not give any remedies at all.


Deciding for SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner

Paradigm shift as we call it when we choose from our old brand to a new one. The advantages are more compelling and most reviews stand on the positive side. After reflecting from the multiple facts about this and other brands, and after considering for my car’s future I gave this a try myself.

It is true that it has its drawbacks, but by enjoying the most of its benefits helped me achieved a driving experience I never had before. Personally, I treat my vehicle as a prized position which it is and putting up extra care of this is very significant.

Believe it or not, seeing the result, SI-1 Complete Fuel System Cleaner precluded foaming, developed a better heat transfer and prevents coercion. Trying it yourself won’t hurt.

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