Setting-Up You Miter Saw Blade


If you are working with wood stock, then the miter saw blade is the best tool for making clear cuts. The variations available in the miter saw are compound miter saw and the regular miter saw. The motor of this electronic blade is quite powerful and you can work with perfect accuracy with this tool. The rules for cutting with both types of machines is the same. You can follow these guidelines for working with this great tool .

  • The miter saw blade:

It’s quite simple to work with this tool. The working of this machine same as that of a standard table saw. The main difference of this saw blade is that it is electrically powered and the over-all cutting accuracy is the best. You can use this machine for crosscutting and molding too.setting-up-you-miter-saw-blade-1

  • Align the blade:

You have to make sure that your blade must be aligned perfectly. You must start with sharpening and cleaning the blade. You can use different materials for this purpose. The blade must be flat. You have to dismantle the blade from the machine. You can clean it and then mount it back to the machine. Make sure the blade is not lose and it does not wobble. If you experience such an issue, you must tighten the blade perfectly. If this situation still persists then you must replace the blade. If your blade is perfect and flat then you need not to replace it.setting-up-you-miter-saw-blade-2

  • Adjust the miter-slot:

setting-up-you-miter-saw-blade-3When you are done with the alignment of the blade then you can start with the adjustment of the miter-slot. For this, you have to follow some simple steps. First of all you have to position the blade at a high place and then you must select a particular tooth which is parallel to the slot. You can mark the tooth if you like. Rotate the blade and you can adjust it according to the level of the marked tooth. You have to measure the distance of the slot and the marked tooth. After this, you are supposed to rotate the blade in the opposite direction until your marked level matches the slot of the miter. When you get the level adjusted, you can continue to the next step. If not, you have to repeat this whole process for getting the required adjustment.

  • Alignment of the fence:

Make sure that the fence of the miter saw machine is aligned. If your fence is not aligned then you might face many difficulties while working. As we are done with the adjustment of the blade and the miter-slot, it’s easy to align the fence of the machine. You can adjust the fence easily. Take a framing square which is the same size of your fence. Place it against it. Move the fence against the edges unless and until they are joined together. Carefully, examine the small space between the fence and the framing square. If you see any gaps then press the frame more to clear the gaps. When it’s done, the alignment of the fence is complete.

You can also make slight adjustments on the other parts of the machine. This will also help you work with accuracy and efficiently. You can use this electronic saw for working on different kinds of wood projects too.setting-up-you-miter-saw-blade-4

You can utilize this link or this link for enhancing your knowledge about this woodworking tool .

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