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Our sliding compound miter saw reviews are a good source of information for a smart buyer. Miter saws are not a new tool to work with.

They started as a manual tool and grow up to something really mechanical and handful to work on. A wood workshop is no doubt incomplete without it. Sliding compound miter saws are one of those available options with more features and better capacity.

What exactly is a sliding compound miter saw ?

To understand fully a sliding compound miter saw, we first need to understand a simple miter saw. Miter saw is a wood workers tool to cut at a variety of angles and lengths. A blade is mounted on a pivot. Pivot movements to the left and right lets you to cut with ease.
A compound miter saw is an advanced form of basic miter saws. It can cut in two ways. One is a miter cut and another is bevel cutest. It is a versatile, multi-tasking tool for a workshop.

  • Miter Cut : Wood is placed on one table and saw head is then moved to one side or another. As the blades of miter saw remain perpendicular to the table (hence wood), hence cut is made. Different models of miter saws can cut at varying angles of 45°-60° in both directions (left as well as right). The two angles are therefore joined together to make a wider one 90°. Miter joints are most commonly used to construct frames, moldings and pipes etc.sliding-compound-miter-saw-reviews-2
  • Bevel Cuts : Head of miter saw is rotated to make bevel cuts. This rotation makes blade to get perpendicular to saw fence rather than saw table. Bevel cuts can be made in both directions (left & right) or in a single direction. It is an ideal cut for window and door trims.


  • Compound Miter & Bevel Cuts : Compound miter & Bevel Cuts is a specialized cut that makes cut not only a miter cut, but also a bevel cut as well. It is used in crown moulding.
  • Cross Cut : A cross cut is a basic 90° angle cut. It is an ideal cut for framing and decking.


  • Sliding Cuts : All miter saws either simple miter saw or compound miter saw can cut. Sliding cuts were introduced to increase the width of cuts in a miter saw. In a sliding compound miter saw, saw head is mounted on 2 reels and hence can slide forward. A standard compound miter saw can make cuts of 8 inches and the best model can go up to an approximate of 14 inches

Benefits of Using Sliding Compound Miter saw

  • It provides increased length of cuts
  • It yields compound miter cuts
  • It can accommodate wider materials for cutting, hence increases cutting capacity of saw.
  • It can go for different types of cut like cross cuts and miter cuts (just like sliding miter saws) and bevel and compound cuts
  • Bevel cuts are available in two modes single or dual mode
  • Precise angular and length measurements
  • Quality work with little problems
  • Accurate , faster and easy way of cutting woods
  • Easy to operate
  • Stronger tool with no compromise of efficiency
  • Adjustable stops of 45 and 90 degrees are used for easy head tilting.

Drawbacks of Sliding Compound Miter Saw

  • Most expensive of all available saws
  • Requires a larger space to fit in
  • A heavy machine with lesser portability options

Comparing 12 inch and 10 inch sliding compound miter saw

Miter saws are no doubt a useful tool for any woodworking shop. Whether you go for a 12 inch miter saw or 10 inch miter saw, it all depends on your particular need. What type of woodworking projects you mostly deal ?

This is the very first question to ask to yourself. This 10 or 12 inch figure illustrates just the cutting capacity of a sliding compound miter saw. Let’s understand what is meant by cutting capacity ? Cutting capacity of any miter saw is determined by

  • Blade diameter
  • Ability of blade to slide

Larger blades can handle larger cuts and are used for wider crown moulding and hip rafters. Smaller ones on the other hand, are useful for making precise cuts on a smaller piece of wood. So in simple terms, 12 inches cut to wider angles than 10 inches. Other factors also contribute toward cutting capacity.

What can be made ?

Sliding compound miter saw is Ideal for making frames, window frames, and door frames, cutting decks, crown molding and other furniture that requires precisely cut angles. With our Sliding compound miter saw reviews you can choose the best saw for your work become easier.

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Compound Miter Saw Reviews


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