Stack-On-GCB- 8RTA Security Plus 8- Gun Reviews


The Stack Security Cabinet is a secure and affordable way to ensure distance between your children and your firearm. The storage cabinet is large enough to comfortably store eight rifles or shotguns it offers a very solid option. The storage cabinet was designed primarily for people who want to store a variety of shotguns and rifles behind a secure lock. It is fitted with a 3-point locking system that is key coded for additional security. Its lock is double-bitted. It is very easy to assemble and it comes with integrated, perfectly fitting parts which are fastened together. The gun storage safe is fitted with pre- drilled holes at the back and bottom, which assist you in attaching it to the floor or the wall.


Specification of the Gun Storage Cabinet

Exterior Dimensions: 11’’ D (28 cm), 17’’ W (43.2 cm), 53’’ H (135’’)

Carton Dimensions: 4-7/8’’ D, 17-5/8’’ W, 54-1/2’’ H

Convertible Interior: A removable shelf plus 8 guns

Number of shelves: 1

Locking points: 3

Multi Pack Indicator: No

Battery type: Does not contain any battery

Color: Black glossy paint with an exceptional chrome accent finish

The storage cabinet is not recommended for the storage of electronics or CDs. Fastening tools are incorporated with every safe.

Features of the Stack- On 8 Gun Security Cabinet


  • The stack security cabinet holds a total of 8 shotguns or rifles.
  • It is a 53- inch steel gun security cabinet
  • For phenomenal security it has a three-point locking which is key coded and a double- bitted lock
  • It very easy to assemble because of the integrated form fitted parts that are properly fastened together.
  • The stack security cabinet is fitted with pre- drilled holes at the back and bottom, which makes it easy to mount the wall or floor.

Pros of the Stack Security Cabinet

  1. The main advantage of this stack security cabinet is the number of rifles that it can actually hold. If you engage in activities such as hunting or collecting shotguns, rifles, and you always, have a number of rifles at the house at any given time this unit can be a real money- and life-saver.
  2. It is very easy to assemble this unit. Most of the people who have used this cabinet sincerely say that it was easy to assemble and even their kids assisted them.
  3. Another great pro of this security cabinet is its price. The more advanced safe models come with a very high price tag with features that you won’t possibly need. If this happens to be the case with you then this security cabinet is perfect for you.

Cons of the Security Storage Safe

The reviews about the product are amazing with a large number of users claiming that the safe is perfect and worth it. The following are some of the few cons about it

  • This Security safe is not particularly safe. It does not have features like biometric access (which means you can easily open the safe by pressing a finger on the pad) and strong durable steel doors. All these additional features come at a price, you cannot expect to spend less on a safe and expect to have all these additional features.

Stack-On-GCB- 8RTA Security Plus 8- Gun Ready to Assemble Storage Cabinet if you are looking for a simple way to store and safely keep your rifles then this is the best solution for you. This security cabinet is simply splendid and worth it.

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