Stack-On PS-10-B Biometric Personal Safe Review


The biometric lock can be specially programmed to accept a maximum of 32 different fingerprints and ensure quick access to the content inside the safe and provides great security. It is great for the storage of pistols, valuables, ammo on the road or at home, the amazing thing about this safe is that it has an adjustable shelf. It has a pry-resistant, solid steel door with concealed hinges and two steel live action-locking bolts. The safe is fitted with pre- drilled holes, which are for mounting it to the shelf or floor also included is fastening hardware. The Stack-On safe is a California approved safety equipment that adheres with the all the California Penal Code Section 12088 and any regulation issued thereunder.

Other features include

  • A hidden trouble key
  • An electronic lock
  • It also has an egg crate foam padded shelf and bottom

Technical Details about the Biometric Personal Safe

  • The biometric lock is programmed in such a way that it is able to accept up to 32 different fingerprints this ensures amazingly quick access to the safes content and offers great security.
  • The biometric lock is also fitted with a hidden trouble key.
  • It also has a pry- resistant, solid steel door with concealed the hinges and action locking bolts.
  • Foam padded shelf and bottom
  • With one adjustable shelf
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Pros of the Biometric Personal Safe

  1. The main advantage this safe is that it is equipped with a finger print reader. This allows you to control the unlocking with your finger. The scanner analyzes the print then unlocks the door, this simply mean that you do not have to remember the combination of the safe. The person who is able to open the safe is one whose fingerprint is in the biometric safe database.
  2. The biometric safe is simply not smart but also very powerful. The body of the safe is made entirely of steel and the door is fitted with two live-locking action locking steel, which enhances greatly the security of the valuables stored inside.
  3. The biometric safe can be pre-programmed to accept up to 32 different fingerprints from different uses. This is particularly amazing since it offers quick access to people this is a great thing about the safe.
  4. The size of the biometric is amazing and you can easily fit a many of your valuables inside the safe comfortably.

Cons of the Biometric Safe

The safe has very few if any cons most of the reviews are amazing. The following is the con about it.

  1. The biometric safe key pad may become unresponsive after shutting the door hard. This may be due to the battery circuit opening. This can easily fixed by removing then reinserting the battery.
  2. The safe is front heavy with the door open. Most of the weight is in the steel door so if the safe were not bolted to the shelf or floor it would most open tip forward.
  3. For about 5 seconds that the safe’s bolt can be retracted you can hear the whine of the motor holding the cog off the bolts.

This Stack-On PS-10-B Biometric Personal Safe with Adjustable Shelf, Black offer security to your valuables and with a maximum of about 32 different fingerprint, this safe is simply amazing. You are assured of the best storage experience with this biometric safe.

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