The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe Review


The main issues with owning a gun is safety. The most important safety issue in a gun is how it is stored. Poor storage of the gun would result to devastating results that are irreversible. To ensure that the gun is stored away from kids and in a safe place that is accessible only to the owner, GunBox crated the GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe.


The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe is a gun storage device that is created from aircraft strength aluminum and comes

with a biometric finger print scanner for controled access. The safe has a sleek design with an internal motion sensor that has an audible alarm. You can hear when the gun is being accessed even if you are not in the room.


The box weighs 7.2 pounds and is made of a smooth aluminum cover. The box is powered by 1 lithium ion battery that is rechargeable with use. it has 2 USB ports that are used to charge the battery and an RFID fingerprint scanner. The opening mechanism relies on the scanner and works on the on and off technology. The premium version comes with a GPS tracking device for location monitoring.

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  • The GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe comes with a 360 degrees RFID Biometric fingerprint scanner that has the ability to hold multiple fingerprints. The scanner offers the user sole accessibility provided the scanned fingerprint are recorded to access the safe.
  • The safe has an alarm. The alarm enhances safety as it makes sound in the event internal motion is realized. In case the gun is moves, the owner of the gun will definitely know provided he or she is in range to hear the sound.
  • The box is made up of aircraft aluminum alloy. This type of aluminum is tough yet light in weight. You can easily carry it around but breaking through the shelf to access the gun will not be easy.
  • You can have the box in your home of vehicle. However, when using it in your vehicle, you will need to buy the car adapter separately as it does not come with the box.
  • The box is approved by FAA as a safe way of handling and storing a gun. The measures put in place meet the required parameters to store the gun safely and have it in the right conditions of safety. It is also approved for the transportation of firearm. You can put the firearm in the box within your luggage without any risk incurring to it.
  • The box has a stylish look. If you need to carry your gun in a container that looks great and has that look that does not disappoint then this is the box for you. It does not bring out the feel that it is used for storage.gunbox-biometric-hand-gun-safe-review-2


  • The finger print scanner sometimes turns out to be unreliable. It may not detect the right fingerprint with the first touch but with frequent attempts, it may work. The finger print scanner does not have a reliable cover that should protect it from dust and particles that would distort its sensitivity.
  • It does not come with the wristband, ring, sticker, and the car charger. They are sold separately. You need to spend extra to get a full functioning set of necessities with the box.



The box is ideal for a family that has kids and owns a gun. It is reliable in keeping the gun out of reach from the children even when you are in transit. The box is stylishly designed making it easy to transport and store with your other luggage when you are traveling. However, with consistent use, the scanner deteriorates. It requires regular maintenance and care to last longer.

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