Why we think the Porter-Cable CMB15 is the best home compressor


For decades now, air compressors have evolved from large and industrial scales to the more compact and portable sizes we see in nearly almost every American home. Simple to use and easy to store, the best home air compressors can work on a variety of tools. The Porter-Cable CMB15 is ideal for every homeowner in need of a personal air compressor. While relatively more quiet than other models, the CMB15 is a versatile machine that is best used for small jobs. A breeze to bring around the home for assorted tasks, this compressor is your mate when it comes to cleaning and blowing off dust, inflating tires, and providing air to small pneumatic tools.

The Porter-Cable CMB15 as the best home compressor


  • Delivers 2.0 SCFM at 90 psi (3.0 SCFM at 40 psi)
  • Comes with a shrouded 1.5 gallon tank
  • Has a maximum output pressure of 150 psi
  • Carries a 0.8 HP motor
  • Oil-less design pump
  • Low amp voltage of 120V
  • Weighs only 20 lbs.
  • Includes a 25-foot hose and 8-piece accessory kit
  • Produces just 79 decibels of sound

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  • Ideal for vehicle tire maintenance

The Porter-Cable CMB15 is one of the best home air compressors because of its ability to service household-level needs especially when it comes to the garage. Mostly used for inflating tires, the CMB15 can service tires varying from cars to RVs to trucks. With a maximum output pressure of 150 psi, this compressor can complement wheels that require 65 to 80 psi pressure.

  • Great as a blow-off tool

Apart from inflating vehicle tires, the Porter-Cable CMB15 is also ideal for blowing out hose lines. Plumbers and DIY repair men have attested to this best home air compressor. With its adjustable pressure valve, it is a preferred cleaning tool by most home owners as it is powerful enough to blow dust off without knocking down frames and displays.

  • Portable and lightweight

Because the Porter-Cable CMB15 weighs only 20 lbs. it is easy to move from one site to another. The handle at the topmost area of the CMB15 is also an innovative feature that allows for the best home air compressor to be quickly carried much like a small suitcase. Its design allows the user to just grab and go without having to break a sweat. And with dimensions that are 15 x 13 x 21, it is easily stored in the trunk of any vehicle or in any garage nook.


  • Powerful and quiet

You’d be surprised that this little fellow can inflate the 6 wheels of a truck at one go because as mentioned above, its maximum output pressure reaches all the way to 150 psi. With 2.0 CFM at 90 psi, the volume of air released by the Porter-Cable CMB15 is adequate for servicing smaller tools such as nail guns and air brushes. But despite its versatility as a home-level compressor, it is also quiet in its operation. Producing just 79 decibels of sound, the CMB15 is perfect for indoor and home use.

  • Fully shrouded and includes accessories

The Porter-Cable CMB15 features a fully shrouded exterior. Apart from the sleek look, the user can be assured that the best home air compressor is protected from heat and mobile components especially without the tank or the motor exposed.


  • Limited capacity

Owners shouldn’t expect the Porter-Cable CMB15 to take on bigger tools since its tank only has a capacity of 1.5 gallons. Although a smaller tank means quicker recovery time, this compressor is limited to small jobs only. Pneumatic tools that require very little air such as a brad nailer will work fine with this model.

  • Cheap accessories

The Porter-Cable CMB15 includes a 25 foot nylon coiled hose and an 8 piece accessory set including an inflation needle, two tapered nozzles, a 1/4-inch tire chuck, Teflon tape, hose adaptor and two pieces of a high flow inflator/ deflator. This may sound like a bargain for the whole air compressor but the hose and the accessories are of low quality materials. However, this can be remedied by replacing the accessories with better quality ones.



The Porter-Cable CMB15 is a charm to have around the house. With its fully shrouded exterior, it has a protective quality about it. The hose and the 8 piece accessory kit is a great plus however may not last in the long run. This is one of the best home air compressors meant for personal use. The CMB15 is good for home and vehicle owners that need a quick fix for their vehicles’ tires, air mattresses and other floatation devices. This is also great as a blow off tool however, is limited to serving smaller pneumatic tools.

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