Why We Think The Rolair JC10 Is The Best Air Compresor for Home Use


Every home owner should consider having an air compressor available at all times in the household. This handy tool is great for a variety of purposes and I recommend you to read this FULL article about all current models of air compressor reviews. Mostly utilized as a blow-off apparatus, an inflator and the primary air source of pneumatic tools, the best air compressor for home use is a versatile companion in small to medium jobs. The Rolair JC10 1 HP Oil-Less Compressor is the ideal model for every DIY aficionado and handy man’s household. With a reputation for durable products, Rolair combines contemporary soundless technology with efficiency in the Rolair JC10. Whether for shop or home use, this little Spartan won’t let you down.

The Rolair JC10 as the best air compressor for home use

Rolair JC10 1 HP Oil-Less Compressor


  • Delivers 2.35 CFM at 90 psi (3.80 CFM at 40 psi)
  • Carries a 1 HP motor
  • Motor operates at a low 1,725 RPM
  • Makes just 60 decibels of sound
  • Equipped with a 2.5 gallon tank
  • Has dual cast aluminum cylinders in its pump
  • Oil-less design
  • Low amp voltage at 115 volts
  • Compatible with 15-Amp outlets (motor draws 8 amps)
  • Weighs close to 43 lbs.

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  • Powerful and portable

Despite its small dimensions of 17 x 16 x 15 inches, the Rolair JC10 is capable in performing tasks when needed. Remarkably able to deliver 2.35 CFM at 90 psi and 3.80 CFM at 40 psi, this little machine is a workhorse and is best used with smaller nail guns (15ga and 18ga) and can drive almost a dozen nails before it needs to cycle again. Although not very light weight at precisely 42.9 pounds, it can still be carried from site to site and is easily stored because of its squat, square design.

  • Extremely quiet

Making less noise than a normal conversation (65 decibels), the Rolair JC10 only produces 60 decibels of sound. This is perfect for home use, particularly indoors. While a number of oil-less compressors have problems with the noise levels, Rolair’s break through noiseless technology allows the JC10 to operate with just a mild purring sound. The anti-vibration feet at the base of the unit is also an added bonus to reduce the produced sound. Its surprisingly silent operation makes it one of the best air compressor for home use.


  • Simple design yet high quality parts

Rolair has been a reliable brand ever since. Each unit goes through a number of rigorous tests in the USA before being exported. It’s “bare bones design” leaves it looking uncluttered. The reason that it is heavier than a good number of the best air compressor for home use is because it is made of pure metal; thus, not compromising the quality of the parts over the aesthetic. The JC10’s components have been reviewed as “very good quality” especially its universal hose coupler and pressure gauges. With 2 aluminum cylinders in its pump, the JC10 is a durable unit.

  • Lasts long and recovers quickly

A dream come true for every handy man, the Rolair JC10 can work a variety of pneumatic tools from nailers to trim guns. As the jobs require larger tools to be serviced, the JC10 will compensate at a slower pace. However, for smaller nailers and the like, the best air compressor for home use can keep up without needing to recycle so often. It can do a dozen nails before needing to cycle again, but the best thing about it is that it only takes an average of 10 seconds to recover.


  • Awkward gauge angle

The gauges of the Rolair JC10 are in an awkward place because they are set far back and quite low in the unit. This manifests as a problem during the actual operation because you will need to bend down lower just to check the output pressure. However, the gauges can be relocated at a different angle manually.

  • Single hose connector

Although a minor complaint, 2 hose connectors seem more fitting for such a powerful unit. Unfortunately, the JC10 only has one hose connector which also lacks a cord snap for winding up the hose or electrical cord. A few of the best air compressor for home use have a section designed for cord wind-up.

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The Rolair JC10 is a powerful machine that is extremely quiet when put to use. Power combined with noiselessness is why a great lot of users believe that the JC10 really is the best air compressor for home use. Obviously best for home owners who prefer to do repairs and projects themselves. However, the JC10 can also survive in a construction site and will keep up if serving smaller pneumatic tools for finishing jobs.

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