Tips and tricks for working on small wood work projects


For any kind of wood working project, you will need all sorts of essential tools. There are some hand tools and power tools which are required specifically. It’s basically up to you that what sort of tool you apply for working on a project.


One of the most powerful tool you will need when working with wood is the miter saw machine.  This woodworking tool can be used for any type of cutting procedures. It is a very convenient tool used for trimming and cutting of small pieces of wood. For getting the best performance out of this tool in terms of perfect cutting, you need to have the 0-tolerance fence fastened to this device.

Some of the basic tips and tricks for screwing a 0-tolerance fence to the miter saw are defined here below:

For making a secondary fence, you need to have some supplies. Fit the fence on the stock and provide 0-tolerance-slots over the blade. By doing this, you can make cuts with accuracy and safely.

You can apply this technique for different projects as it’s been quite beneficial for getting the best results.

To start with:

For creating a secondary fence, take a plywood piece and cut into two pieces of strips. The size of the strips must be equal to the size of the saw machine. Generally, the dimensions of the saw’s base is 7 inches and the width is 4 inches up-right fence.


Glue the strips:

Take some wooden glue and spread it over the two strips which you have made previously and join them together. Then attach a brad of 2 inches and attach it to the ends so that it can be placed easily.


Screwing and nailing:

The next tip for making the secondary fence is that you have to nail the pieces together carefully and for better grip and firmness you can add bolts too. Lay-out the blade cautiously to avoid cutting into the piece. To make the joints more firm, you can join them and clamp them after the glue is dried. Drive in screw (half inches) to the fence you have made.


Test the fence:

For the test run of the fence you have created, make a 90 degree cut at the center of any kind of wood piece. Lock the slide of the miter saw machine. Basically, the second fence is utilized for cutting small pieces of wood, stock and you can even use it for molding and trimming purposes. This is the benefit of attaching the secondary fence to your miter saw machine for getting high accuracy in cutting.

You can even lock the fence in position for drilling holes and pins for alignments. You can make holes in it and add some ½ dowels to it for cutting thin pieces of stock for making the fence’s dowels. It is all just a matter of placing the fence in the right place. If the dowels will be in the right place then you can have the right position for cutting.

The fence can be removed pretty easily. Usually, you do not need this secondary fence. It is only mandatory for working on small wood work projects.


For more information for using the miter saw device you can view this link for enhancing your knowledge

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