Tune up the miter saw for better performance


Working with the miter saws has never been better. If you have a miter saw then you can cut wood pieces in different angles. For the tuning up of the miter saw machine, there are some tips which you must follow to bring accuracy in your work. Also you must know some thing before you use miter saw .

  • Make preparations

First step is that you should organize 2 boards. Both the boards must be conventional and you can check it by joining the edges. For better impact, you must make sure that the boards are wider. Your testing will be much perfect if have got the right stuff.

  • Drew a cut

Join the edges of the boards against the fence and make a cut. You can cut both boards simultaneously. Adjust the boards in such a way so that the blades are cut on both sides of the board. This would prevent deflection and your cut will be accurate and straight.


  • Examine the cut

Take the wooden boards and place them on a flat surface. Both the cuts should face each other. Measure the gaps. Usually the size of the gaps is twice the size of the blade. For better performance and mere accurateness, you can follow the owner’s manual too. If you are not satisfied by the cut you can make another one.

  • Bevel adjustment

When you use a compound miter saw machine you need to assure that the saw cuts at a 90 degree angle. Place the joint boards on the table and cut them. Make sure that the ends of the cuts are same and then you can adjust the angles of the bevel for best precision.


  • Set the miters

For getting accuracy, you must set the miters to 45 degree for cutting through the boards.

Set the miters

  • Adjust the angles

For the angle adjustment, you should hold the miters and position them inside a corner. If you have the edges in full contact that means you are good to go. If not, then you have to adjust the angles.


  • Create a line for cut fence

For getting easy perfectness in cutting, you must place the wooden pieces on the saw and add the line of cut fence. This is a substitute fence which you attach with the miter saw. This fence contains holes in it which are used for screwing it. After doing this, you have to cut through the wood piece. This is how you make a line of cut.

  • Utilization of the line of cut

When you have made the line of cut then you can place the material on the saw with accuracy. Now you can make marks on the board and draw a line which must be close to the edge. Now position that line over the kerf which you created previously in the fence.

This way you can improve the accuracy of your miter saw machine and your machine will be tuned up easily. This is an easy way of getting started with your machine and make precise cuts. Click here to know how to buy the best miter saw machine with discount price on market .


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