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I know that there is lots of miter saw available on online store and it may be hard to choose right product. But, don’t worry, we’ve chosen the best miter saw to keep handy in case things ever go wrong.

Wood working is not complete without a saw, and miter saw is a handy yet useful tool for workers. Do you want to make cross cuts and miters joint on lumbers and wood ?

Miter saw is just the right choice for you. Miter saw lets you cut wood at variety of angles and varying length. It contains a specialized blade mounted on a pivot. Pivot movement to left and right helps you cut at wide range of angles. It is also called drop saws or chop saws.


Miter saws are one of the highly recommended, precise, accurate, versatile tools used in wood working projects. Their use may vary from simple wood works to building complex structures. Industry has provided many options for potential users to consider according to needs.

The question is how to pick the best miter saw machine on the large market ?


Why To Use Miter Saws ?

Miter saws are preferred cutting tool of wood workers for variety of reasons. These reasons include

• Precise and accurate angles and length measurements

• A cutting tool for wide variety of angles

• Clean cutting of wood and other material

• Lesser alteration of dimensions

• Quality work with little hustle

• Ideal for cross cut saws

• It can be used for making frames, window casing, door frames etc.

• Versatile options to get work done

• Accurate , fastest and clean way of cutting woods

• Convenient and easy option to cut miters and cross edges

• Better portability

• It is used to cut angles and bevels to larger possibilities.

• It can be used to cut straight (90°), miter (somewhere near 45°) and bevel cuts.


Types Of Miter Saw Reviews

A basic miter saw was a manual saw. However because of need to work efficiently and at faster rate, it has been replaced by other variations mentioned below. Each of these is used for serving specialized needs.

  • Compound Miter Saw
  • Dual Compound Miter Saw
  • Sliding Compound Miter saw

This miter saw has specialized sharp cutting blades mounted on pivot. Pivot let blades to tilt to both directions left and right. So you don’t need to flip the wood to cut the other side. This feature helps to create angles conveniently. It is also helpful in detailed carpentry.


How To Buy Miter Saw

Miter Saw market is full of options for users. The deciding factor is money and your needs always. It is definitely not recommended to buy a tool that has high cost than the value it offers. Before actually buying the product, your first interest must be to find out the need that makes you to buy a one personally for you.

Many factors must be considered in order to decide finally for a single product. Some of those factors are

• Blades


• Motor

• Miter angle

Some other factors to be included in the list are

• Level of noise it generates

• How much mess it creates

• Portable tables or stands

• Basic design of Miter saw

Determining your needs : Before finalizing your potential needs, ask some questions to yourself.

Single or Dual Mode of Action : Do you want to cut both ways (left and right) and one way? It will let you decide to either go for compound miter saw or dual compound miter saw.

Choose The Right Blade for You : Blades determine the depth and width of cuts. Larger the blade, wider it can cut and vice versa. Miter saw sharp blades are made up of carbide tips for better durability and sharpness. Steel blades can also be used; however they are not long lasting.

So weather you want to have carbide tip blades or steel blades ? Blades come in different sizes from 8-12 inches with varying number of teeth. Blades are also different for different types of materials like steel, wood and for aluminum. So if you want to have more sharp and fine cuts, go for more teeth and more inches and carbide tips. Miter saws also come with locks to ensure security and accurate cuts.

Miter Index : Miter saw is supposed to cut miters or angled cuts. Mostly miter saws are now pre adjusted to widely used angles like 15°, 30° or 45 °.Others are even precisely able to cut at different angles with one degree increment at one time. Some saws come in single mode (cut in one direction), while others are dual action (cut in both left and right). So, next deciding factor would be miter index in miter saw.

Portable or Fixed : Some miter saws are light in weight and portable. The basic point of concern here is that lighter saws compromise for functionalities. So if your needs are of varying degree and more advanced, don’t compromise functionality over portability.

Power : Power of miter saw is measured in revolution per minute or RPM in short. It is the rate at which blade spin. Of course it also depends upon the power of motor. Expert reviews say that a miter saw with higher RPM will work for longer duration and better output and quality work. Amount of typical RPM for a miter saw range somewhere between 3200 and 5000.

Motor Power : In the same course of decision, motor power is also another deciding factor. Amps are the unit to measure motor power. Normally miter saw power ranges from 10 Amps to 15 Amps.

Cord or Cordless : Miter saws come with both cordless and with cords. If you want some better portability with some extra power consumption, you can choose to have cordless.

Handles : In some brands of Miter saw, handles are adjustable. In others, they are fixed. Adjustable handles make tool easy to use and hence is able to cut precisely and freely.

Dust Collector : In miter saw, there is a dust port to collect the garbage. Often a wet or dry vacuum bag is attached to it, so that mess is not scattered over the place.

Brands Choice : Some brands are more popular than others. Different models of different brands offer various features. It is up to you to choose one among many. Hitachi, Mitaka, Dewalt, CraftsMan and Dewalt are some of the common brands. Dewalt and Hitachi products excel than others as a common review.

Warranty Choice : Different brands offer different warranties for their Miter saw. Within the same brand, sometimes warranties vary from product to product. It is advisable to choose a product with longer warranty period to ensure longevity of its usage.

Affordability : Pricing is one of the deciding factors in the list. A typical miter saw is charged around $200 up to $700. Some have even more price with some additional features like lights, built in laser to facilitate cutting or variable speed dial etc. So depending upon your needs, you will choose from many options available.

Miter saw reviews are a great source gets detailed, yet comprehensive reviews of the product. After all it’s a matter of investment. Investment is good enough as long as it is adding some value to either your life or your business. It lets you make choices among the available suitable choice list. Later one the last step would to just short list the available choices.

Choose the Right Miter Saw First step is to choose the right miter saw for you.


You have to choose the blade size from 8-12 inches. In the same way , figure out are you going to use compound miter saw, dual compound saw or sliding compound miter saw etc. It all depends upon your particular needs of the day.

Set Up Table for Miter Saw

The next step is to setup appropriate working environment for miter saw. A smooth table or stand can serve the purpose very well. It makes working comfortable.


Consult Supportive manual for safety

In the next phase, you must read the instruction manual to get familiar with various parts of machine and safety. Read the safety measures carefully .safety measures will be like

• Wear protective glasses

• Check the power cables and voltage.

• Don’t; however turn the power on till the machine is ready to work. We will inform you about this later on.


Get Familiar with Machine

Learn about working of different parts of machine like blade guard, angle scale, angle indicator, power switch. Make sure you are now familiar with locking the saw, so that no damage can come to you and your machine. Some features and parts vary from one model saw to other. It may include saw tilt scale, laser guide etc.


Unlocking Saw

The next step is to unlock the safety lock. Most of the times, miter saw has two safety locks to ensure security and to lock the material in place for precise cutting.

Make sure power is not turned now till now. Take miter saw handle in your hands and press It down. This will release tension on locking pin. Unlock power head and table pivot there after.

Testing Your Miter saw

Before you actually start doing your work, you must test your tool for operations

• Put a long piece of scrap wood. It should fit on the backrest of saw bench. Don’t use short pieces of wood. It will be not convenient in testing.

• Cut your scrap material at variety of miter angles. Fit them together to check if they really fit best to each other. A general rule is to cut the end of piece at half the angle of joint. For example to make 60 ° joint , cut two pieces each to 30° opposite to each other

• Don’t hesitate to practice a lot before actually working on finished material. The more you practice, the more you learn to operate the machine well.

Maintenance Guide When Using Miter Saw

All tools require proper maintenance to get the maximum output. Same is the case with your miter saw. If you desire to get the work done in best possible way, take good care of your saw. Here are few tips and tricks for your miter saw.

Tips and Tricks


Remove Debris from Saw

With the usage of saw, some debris start accumulating over the surface of miter saw. It needs to get removed. You should keep an eye on the smaller and moving parts of miter saw. Compressed air can be used to blow off the debris from saw.

After this basic cleaning, a clean and dry rag can be used to get rid of remaining dust particles. It’s quite OK to be more rigorous on problematic areas. Dry the blade after cleaning.

Re Sharpen the Blades

Sharp blades make the best cut done in a fine way. By the time, wood pitch and gum get accumulated on blades and creates hustle in working. These accumulated chunks overheat the blades during work and damage the carbide.

Variety of blades cleaner is available in the market. The best practice is to clean the blade using the cleaner and soft bristle brush. If you still find difficulty in having sharp cuts, re sharpen the blades. As a last remedy, purchase a new blade for your workshop.

Add More Teeth to Miter saw Blade

The standard number of blades in a miter saw is usually 40-60.Greater no. of blades make cutting not only flawless but also sharp. So invest some more money on your blades and add more teeth to it.

At the end you will experience that greater no. of teeth makes blade sharper and for longer span of time, before they actually need re sharpening.

Buffing the Cutting Table

Visit a nearby hardware store or grocery store to buy a scotch bright. Clean the metal surface of Saw with this piece of dry scotch bright.

If it’s necessary don’t forget to oil the blades too, simply to retain its shine and prevent wear and tear of blades. Buffing can also be done using a hand polisher.

Lubricating Moving Parts

If you want a good life of your Miter saw, cleanliness is the key. All metal tools and parts experience wear and tear. It’s quite natural for them.

A good practice is to use a lubricant for the moving parts to make them rotating freely without any noise. It makes them work properly and efficiently. Pneumatic tool oil and turbine oil can be a good choice. Another main point is to never lubricate on dusty parts.

Other Preventive Measures : 

• Check the power cable of Miter saw occasionally to notice any damaging difference.

• Maintain sufficient power maintained for your saw to keep it going. Otherwise it will put extra strain on motor.

• Don’t use small extension cord.

• Use a good quality power cord. 

• Cord must be clean and smooth to avoid any power shocks

• Follow the maintenance schedule suggested by the warranty company or instruction manual of the tool.

• Tooth plate must be at even level with saw table, if it is not, fill the gap with some tape.

Tips & Tricks To Buy Miter Saw


 • Don’t go for cheap material, if you spend for something really good, you will find a good yield.

• When to choose between carbide tipped blades or steel blades, choose the carbide ones for better efficiency and precision.

• Prefer cordless miter saws, if you have to frequently work outdoor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are limitations of Miter Saw in general?

• They are unable to cut lumber at wide stoke. They are used to cut cross cuts.

What is Amps? It is frequently written in miter saw reviews pages?

• Amps are a unit to measure motor power for a saw. Higher amps mean high more cutting power and hence better efficiency.

If I want to make longer cuts? What should I consider in buying a miter saw?

• Blade size must be the deciding factor. A common miter saw has blade size of 8, 10 or 12 inches. The larger the diameter of blade, longer is the cuts.


What is a positive stop in miter saw? Do they affect any cutting speed?

• Positive stops let you make precise and accurate cuts at specified angles. Positive stops make it easier and faster for users to set angles. So they not only provide ease of use but also increase cutting speed.

Do all miter saws come with laser settings?

• Simple one word answer is no. yet there are many models available in market with Laser settings. Laser beam is projected at the cutting angle and hence ease the whole work of cutting.

What cutting blades are best in minter saw?

• Miter saws mostly come in three types of blades : Steel blades, High speed steel blades and Carbide tipped blades . Steel blades are though cheap in price but it is not appropriate to cut hardwood. The best blade in terms of accuracy and precision are carbide tipped blades. They are not only sharp but also durable.


In making purchasing decision choice, power, RPM, portability, price and blades are mostly the deciding factors for most buyers. It’s better to choose carbide tip blades and high power motor for a fine and sharp cutting.

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